12 Unique Instagram Content Ideas for Interior Designers

Coming up with new Instagram content ideas for interior designers can be daunting. When you’re running a small business—and specifically in the interior design industry—Instagram can feel like a full-time job in itself. To have an engaging presence on the platform, we always recommend posting a minimum of six times a week and adding to stories daily if possible.

If you haven’t jumped on the Stories wagon yet, now is the time! Stories are a great way to show “the process.” Followers love being able to get a glimpse behind the scenes and see how the professionals do it. The key, when deciding whether or not to put something on stories, is to consider your audience. Since Instagram is first and foremost a marketing tool for your business, your top priority should be posting what potential clients will find interesting as opposed to other designers. 



Creating a Cohesive Instagram Grid



Your actual feed should be a cohesive, lightly edited grid of professional/portfolio shots. Pro tip: be certain you aren’t posting all your project photos as soon as you receive them, even if you only have a few finished projects (more about how to stretch reveal photos into evergreen content here). When you’re sharing other designers’ work that often, it’s so important that you give proper credit (check out our guide to Instagram etiquette here). 

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Today, we are sharing some content ideas to help you keep things fresh and hopefully lighten the mental load of constant engagement.





Instagram Feed Content Ideas



A Slider Image

Take a horizontal portfolio image, slice it into two images to share using the multiple image feature


Single Product Shot

Add visual white space to your grid by featuring a single product on a solid background + describe how you would use it or style it. Even better, set up a RewardStyle account so you can earn commissions on product links (here’s how). 



Describe how you solved a specific design problem for a client (i.e., gave grandma’s vanity a facelift, opened the floor plan in a creative way, etc.).


Artwork Showcase

Post an image featuring a specific piece of artwork you used and explain why you used it and give information about sourcing it. 


Seek + Find

Ask your followers to spot a fun detail in the photo. The longer people look at an image, the higher it performs. 






Instagram Story Content Ideas




Post two design boards and allow followers to choose which one they like best, even if you have already decided. It’s work you’ve likely done anyway, so why not use it to boost engagement?


Ask questions

Asking product sourcing questions really boosts engagement and as a bonus, your followers probably know about a couple goldmines you haven’t heard of yet. 



Taking your followers with you as you check in on projects (especially during exciting phases like demo day) is a really fun way to pique their curiosity about the project and keep them engaged for the content you’ll eventually roll out about it. 


Videoing Daily Tasks

Create videos doing even mundane things like receiving furniture deliveries. Your followers will love a sneak peek of what you bought and you can give tips on what to check for before “signing.”


Styling Videos

Video all the accessories you bring for staging day and explain on film what made the final cut and why. It’s informational and gives some eye candy/inspiration.


Wallpaper Installation Video

Capture the installation process of wallpaper as it’s going up with the big reveal at the end.


Product Voting

Present options for certain products and let your followers choose which they like best. 



If you’re in an Instagram rut, I hope these ideas give you a starting point to get creative with your content again. When we feel stuck, we just try to think about what kind of posts we find interesting and we try to keep a running list of things that come to mind. The more you can involve your followers in the day-to-day operations of your business, the more connected they will feel to your brand, which translates to more traffic and more business for you.

To learn more using IG to level up your business, check out our Studio Sessions Instagram for Designers course.



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  10. […] Your Instagram feed needs to reflect not just your work but your interior designer lifestyle (and yes, that is a hashtag on Instagram.) Your stories are more the behind the scenes and personal bits. […]

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