3D Renderings Brought a Kitchen Remodel to Life

Last year we took you inside this 80’s remodel project with our good friend, Lindsey Borchard of Lindsey Brooke Design (LBD). Lindsey and her team took a Los Angeles home down to the studs and redesigned it with a fresh, modern approach for a busy young family.

In all, the project was a significant undertaking and the LBD team relied heavily on 3D renderings to help set their plans in motion and to visually illustrate to their clients the final vision they had in mind.

While the remodel involved the entire home, we’re taking you behind the scenes of just the kitchen design—from renderings to real life, and all the steps in between. We’ll look at the four options LBD presented to their clients, and the final plan that made the cut.


Kitchen remodel with custom cabinet and quartz counters, Lindsey Brooke Design


“By outsourcing our renderings we have more time to focus on the client experience and do what we do best.”

-Lindsey Brooke Design


Galley kitchen remodel with custom cabinet and quartz counters, Lindsey Brooke Design


3D Renderings Brought a Kitchen Remodel to Life



CLIENT: Moore Drive Remodel

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California

KITCHEN SCOPE OF WORK: Rework a long galley-style layout with a new floor plan and lots of fresh design elements.

KITCHEN RENDERINGS: Clay draft + four 3D renderings by Duke Renders


As the Lindsey Brooke Design team laid the groundwork for this kitchen remodel, the goal was simple. They wanted to reconfigure their client’s tight galley-style layout and make it a space built for entertaining. They started by reconfiguring the floor plan and spacing out the appliances to help increase the flow of traffic. It was also important to include custom cabinetry, floating wood shelves, handcrafted tile backsplash, and quartz countertops. 

For this particular project, LBD wanted to share four different hood and backsplash options during their client presentation. They worked with Duke Renders to give their clients the most realistic sense of what their new kitchen will look and feel like in each scenario.







 The entire process was done in just three simple steps:

  1. Gather
  2. Clay Drafts
  3. Delivery


First, the rendering company needed to gather all the details of the project, such as the floor plan and room dimensions, what furniture should be displayed, and any AutoCAD designs. Then, a “clay draft” is created based on the project details. A clay draft is an image without color or texture and is used to help inform the placement of elements within a space and gives designers an opportunity to confirm their vision and make any minor adjustments:


Once the clay drafts are finalized and approved, the color, textures, lighting, materials are added to bring them to life in 100% photo-realistic renders of the space in Lindsey’s head.





To give the client the best experience and flexibility, not one but FOUR different configurations of the kitchen space were provided, built on the approved clay draft:






Quartz backsplash to ceiling + white hood


Interior design 3D rendering of kitchen by Duke Renders



Quartz backsplash to shelf + stainless steel hood


Interior design 3D rendering of kitchen by Duke Renders




Quartz and tile backsplash combination + stainless steel hood


Interior design 3D rendering of kitchen by Duke Renders



Tile backsplash to ceiling + white hood


Kitchen remodel 3D rendering Duke Renders and Lindsey Brooke Design




Option C + D


Once all 3D renderings were presented to the client, the final verdict was a thoughtful combination of option C and option D. They chose to run the quartz backsplash up halfway and use the handcrafted tile from the floating shelf to the ceiling. The clients also opted for a white hood to blend seamlessly with their custom cabinetry painted in Dunn Edwards Milk Glass against Benjamin Moore Simply White walls.

Including four distinct 3D renderings in the clients’ kitchen design presentation helped determine exactly what they wanted within their space without second-guessing themselves. They were able to fully visualize what the kitchen would look like before it was even created, and avoid costly mistakes throughout the entire process that Duke Renders provided.





Galley kitchen remodel with quartz counters backsplash, Lindsey Brooke Design


“Outsourcing with Duke Renders has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made as a company.”

-Lindsey Brooke Design


Kitchen remodel with custom cabinet and quartz counters, Lindsey Brooke Design

Kitchen remodel with custom cabinet and quartz counters, Lindsey Brooke DesignQuartz and tile backsplash combination, Lindsey Brooke Design




Now that we’ve walked you through Lindsey’s experience with Duke Renders, we’re thrilled to help you start your own 3D rendering project. 

 We asked the rendering company, Duke Renders, to come up with an introductory package to help you bring your own vision to life and better serve your clients. They have kindly put together a limited-time offer for friends of the IDCO community, and in all honesty, it’s one of the best deals we have ever seen.

It not only includes your finished 3D rendering like you’ve seen above, but also comes complete with not one but FOUR clay drafts, plus presentation templates to make your next presentation turn leads into clients, animations, close ups, and an entire community to support you. It’s a total of over $2100 in value but because you’re part of the IDCO family, you won’t even pay a fraction of that. With our special relationship with Duke Renders, they’ve offered over 80% off for IDCO members. You can find out more here.




Design: Lindsey Brooke Design | Rendering: Duke Renders | Photography: Amy Bartlam



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