5 Types of Logos + Why You Need Them All

If you aren’t well-versed in web design, you might be confused as to why our clients receive five different logos. While it might seem like one logo would be plenty, there are several situations to account for that one logo cannot fulfill (i.e., small spaces that would render text unreadable). And while having these unique logos for different purposes is essential, they also must have certain consistencies to tie into your overall branding aesthetic and goals. Having a few logo options on-hand ensures that you have an effective way to brand every form of communication you have with your clients and potential customers.


Today, we are discussing the five logos we provide in our design suite and why you really need every one of them in your arsenal.


The 5 Types of Logo Variations


The 5 Types of Logos and why you need them all - from branding and web design studio The Identité Collective

Primary Logo


This is the largest and most detailed of the logo variations. It can contain hand-drawn elements, a tagline, or even a location if relevant. Because it is the most complex, it needs room to breathe, and therefore is best suited for website headers and large print collateral. All other logos will stem from this already established, more descriptive one.


The 5 Types of Logos and why you need them all - from branding and web design studio The Identité Collective


Secondary Logo


This alternative logo is a more compact version of the first. If your primary logo is horizontal, you might need a vertical option to fit into tighter spaces, like business cards or hang tags. If your logo is more vertical, vice versa. You might also see this logo variation in the mobile version of your website design. It works great in secondary collateral so when clients receive multiple elements from you, each feels bespoke and tells a complete story.


The 5 Types of Logos and why you need them all - from branding and web design studio The Identité Collective



Alternate Mark


These marks should be a simplified image that is still representative of your brand aesthetic. It’s an extension of the logo to be used when primary or secondary aren’t appropriate or simply won’t fit. It might be a hand-drawn element used throughout your branded materials, an illustration, or your brand’s initials. One excellent use for alternate marks is social media profile photos.


The 5 Types of Logos and why you need them all - from branding and web design studio The Identité Collective




Just as a person’s monogram contains their initials, so does a brand’s. The monogram is a classic way to brand stationery and other print collateral. We find this variation especially appealing in brands that carry the owner’s name. A brand monogram will include hand-picked typography selections and could contain small, hand-drawn elements if applicable.


The 5 Types of Logos and why you need them all - from branding and web design studio The Identité Collective




A favicon is similar to an alternate mark, but is crafted for a specific purpose. When you visit an established webpage, you might notice a branded symbol in the URL bar next to the address. That is a favicon, and all of our clients receive one as part of their branding suite. They add a professional touch and carry branding imagery one step further in a tiny space where a primary logo, secondary logo, or even monogram would be unreadable.


*logos from current IDCO branding and web design client Hohm. Can’t wait to show you guys the reveal next month!


At IDCO, our design services give you the tools to brand every single touchpoint you have with your audience, to build your brand story in a way that creates community and promotes awareness. You can learn more about our branding and web design process here. We want to give you everything you need to succeed so that you can maximize the investment you are making in your brand and yourself. When you look good, we look good!



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