An Interview with Lilly Walton Design

We are so excited to kick off a new feature on the IDCO blog centered around our amazing, talented and incredibly business savvy clients. Each month we’ll be bringing you interviews with interior designers where we talk shop, inspiration, business tips (and fails) and so much more. First up is one of our very dear clients who recently launched her beautiful website on the Juliet template, Lilly Walton. Enjoy!



In her early 20s, Lilly Walton was working a retail job at a Santa Monica home store, unknowingly training for her eventual career. In hindsight, she describes it as a “crash course” in custom furniture, fabrics, vendors, and trade shows. Her education wasn’t only practical, but emotional. 


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | dark green kitchen | The Identite Collective


“I was helping people improve their homes in small ways—a new pillow combo for their sofa, a bedding refresh, a new side table for their living room—but, I saw the big impact it had on their sense of home and that was immensely gratifying,” Lilly said. “While my career and life took a few twists and turns from then until starting my own business, I look back at that time as where my obsession with design really began.”


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | living room design using vintage | The Identite Collective


Since then, Lilly’s style has continued to evolve along with her experience. Lilly’s aesthetic has matured with her. Bold pops of color have been replaced with a sophisticated palette of muted tones against a white backdrop. Her inspiration is evident—the natural beauty that surrounds her home in Southern California. A few things haven’t changed: her love for white walls, her approachable style, and her passion for helping her clients craft a space that helps them live well.


Lilly describes her style as “warm, collected, and layered.” The first word that comes to our minds is effortless. Her designs are a master class in intentionality, with all the thoughtfully planned details culminating to create a home that is refined and uncomplicated, even if the process was not. Each curated piece rests squarely where it was meant to be, in an assemblage so natural it could have sprouted from the home itself. 


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | bathroom vintage rug | The Identite Collective



For Lilly, it is important that the descriptor of “effortless” is applied equally to the livability of the spaces she designs. 


“I think the most important aspect for a well designed home is function. If the design is not in line with how the space is being used, then there is no point,” she said. “I think when beauty and function coexist, a space really comes to life!”


Lilly was able to see that dichotomy from a client perspective while renovating her current home in Ojai. She said designing for herself and her own family was her most challenging project to date, but also the most gratifying. Her favorite space? The living room.


“It’s great for entertaining, has incredible natural light, and is my favorite place to sit and enjoy my morning coffee,” Lilly said. 


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | guest bedroom decor | The Identite Collective


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | vintage decor ideas | The Identite Collective


Her other daily rituals include hiking, yoga, cooking, and long walks with her family and pet dog, Sunday. For Lilly, these small acts of self-care as as much for her craft as her well-being. 


“The creative juices are flowing when I’m taking good care of myself and feel balanced. For me, that means staying active, getting outside, sleeping well, eating nourishing food, and connecting with those I love. When I’m stressed, worried or sleep deprived, I find it hard to get into the creative mindset,” she said. 


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | dark green bathroom | The Identite Collective


Seeking inspiration is an essential part of the job for interior designers. Luckily for Lilly, she is continually moved by her daily surroundings, pulling ideas from nature into her organic, textural designs. She is also motivated by the honor of her clients’ trust. 


“I am constantly working on my processes and habits to create a more successful business,” Lilly said. “I stay open and curious and am continually growing and learning with each job to provide a better experience for my clients and for myself.”


You can learn more about Lilly Walton and her design studio on her site or on her Instagram page, @lillywaltondesign


An Interview with Lilly Walton Design | marble tile bathroom pink tub | The Identite Collective




Lilly was kind enough to answer a few questions just for fun:


Which designers do you find yourself inspired by?

There are so many talented designers out there. I am currently loving work by @eyeswoon @ninafreudenberger @anderson.weir.studio @heidicallier @jakealexanderarnold @jmiller_mpls and you @theidentitecollective! Also the amazing @amberinteriors for her impeccable design and her refreshing openness and honesty.


What’s your favorite current trend? How about a timeless one?

I am loving all of the curves in design recently and the earthy color palettes, more brown tones and less greys seem to be the trend. I’m all for it! Timeless trend: marble. Always. 


If you weren’t a designer, what would you like to do for a living?

If I weren’t a designer, I might be a perfumer. I love scents! Plus, I would probably have to go train in the South of France, which would lead me to my other passions: croissants, cheese, and rosé.



All images designed by Lilly Walton Design and photographed by Jessie Webster




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