Client Case Study: Anderson Wier Studio

Lori Wier of Anderson Wier Studio has a way of bringing a collected sensibility to every space she touches. Her growing portfolio is a testament to her natural creative instincts, with a distinct attention to detail that can’t be overstated. Earlier this year, Lori reached out to the IDCO Studio team as she began considering a new website and branding. The goal was to bring more intention to Lori’s namesake brand, and ultimately, better reflect her well-established firm. Our team had the pleasure of taking the new Anderson Wier Studio from creative direction to final implementation, and we’d love to give you a look behind the scenes.


Navy kitchen cabinetry with brass hardware and tile flooring, design by Anderson Wier Studio

Design: Anderson Wier Studio | Photography: Robert Radifera + Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Stylish Productions




CLIENT: Anderson Wier Studio




SERVICES PROVIDED: The Commissioned Package, including:

  • Creative Direction Presentation & Target Client Muse Profile
  • Brand Identity Guidelines (Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Alternative Mark, Brand Icons, Typography Selections, Bespoke Patterns, Textures and Color Palette)
  • Professional Copywriting
  • Website Design via The Quinn Template
  • In-House Custom Website Development
  • Mobile Optimization
  • SEO Integration


Star tile flooring in entryway with a vintage rug, design by Anderson Wier Studio

Exposed wood beams in the kitchen and living space, design by Anderson Wier Studio

Exposed brass shower piping with diamond tile flooring, design by Anderson Wier Studio

Design: Anderson Wier Studio | Photography: Robert Radifera + Styling: Charlotte Safavi for Stylish Productions




Our IDCO Studio design team worked closely with Lori Wier to reimagine a brand identity representative of her studio’s philosophy and aesthetic. The initial creative direction covered three key areas to help guide the project from start to finish:



Your brand will be an entirely unique representation of your designs. Your branding will feel intentional, timeless ,and artful, rooted in old world charm and drawing inspiration from your Sonoma County roots in both landscape and lifestyle. With muddy jewel tones and subtle neutrals, the final design will feel both old and new.



The branding will feature timeless, custom serif typography with sophisticated linear accents balanced by sans serif descriptors. It will feel elevated and intentional, and the custom brand marks will communicate authenticity and an expert eye for detail.



We want your color palette to be unique, striking, and entirely artful with moody undertones. We’ll start with a creamy neutral foundation and layer on muddied jewel tones for a boldness that feels both unexpected and natural. This juxtaposition of light and dark tones will add dimension to your brand and tell a story that is inspiring and soulful.


Brand colors for Anderson Wier StudioCreative direction branding for Anderson Wier StudioCreative direction branding for Anderson Wier Studio




The Anderson Wier Studio branding concept combines both timeless and unexpected details. Our team used a well-balanced serif font and paired it with a classic sans-serif that will outlast any trend in the years to come. Combining the A and W letterforms and using the negative space between the two, the design team crafted a brand icon that leaves a memorable effect. To add more depth and character, they added rough edges and customized a hand-written location to complete the brand suite.


Branding logo design for Anderson Wier Studio




Design is always in the details, and that very notion inspired the Anderson Wier Studio branding. The team wanted to play with diagonals that mimic the AW letterforms and transparency, using Korean pojagi textiles as a point of creative reference. They also worked in a secondary pattern that felt more organic using a subtle watercolor element.


Branding design for Anderson Wier StudioBranding elements for Anderson Wier StudioBusiness card design by Anderson Wier StudioWebsite design for Anderson Wier Studio by IDCO Studio




“I couldn’t be happier… there is a new emphasis on craft that feels grounded and just a bit more grown up. It’s like I often tell clients—it feels like me, just better.”

-Lori Wier of Anderson Wier Studio



Thank you, Lori for trusting your website and branding to our IDCO Studio team. You were a joy to work with, and we couldn’t be more honored to help tell the story of your brand. To learn more about working with IDCO Studio for your next project, visit our website for a detailed list of services, past + present clients, and our available templates to streamline your workflow.



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