Organization Tips to Beat the Sunday Scaries

If you’ve ever felt a sense of dread before a busy week ahead, you know the ‘Sunday Scaries’ all too well. Rather than relaxing with your favorite people, you’re spending Sunday night creating mental to-do lists or counting the emails accumulating in your inbox. It’s a feeling that can wreak havoc on your day off, but with a few practices in place, we think there’s a better way to start the week.

Last month, I shared a short Instagram post around my personal approach to the Sunday Scaries, and we decided it deserved an expanded blog post of its own. Go ahead and bookmark this one because we’re outlining seven hacks to make rolling into Monday that much easier.


Organization Tips to Beat the Sunday Scaries | The Identite Collective

Photography: Madeline Harper





Write out your to-do list

No matter how much you love your job, it’s only natural to stress about your tasks for the upcoming week. While it’s tempting to push the Sunday Scaries aside, taking a few minutes to outline your to-do list can be a more helpful approach. Grab a pen and paper (or your organization app of choice) and write out everything that needs to get done from Monday through Friday. Once it’s all listed, you can rest easy knowing you have a plan in place to accomplish each task.


Schedule 3 client emails

Did you know you can pre-schedule your emails for a specific date and time? It’s true! Just follow these steps if you’re a Gmail user or do a quick search for your preferred email platform. Schedule those emails to be delivered at 9am on Monday to take work off your plate and show clients you’re on top of your game.

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Schedule 3 Instagram posts

We’ve previously shared Our Top Instagram Hacks, and this is one of them. We recommend sharing content six days a week, but there’s no need to post everything in real-time. We use Tailwind to schedule our Instagram posts in advance and unplug on the weekends.

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Spend 40 minutes outside

There are a million ways to be productive on a Sunday afternoon, but nothing replaces some intentional time away from screens. Go on a hike, a jog, or just walk around the neighborhood to clear your mind of work thoughts.


Organization Tips to Beat the Sunday Scaries | The Identite Collective

Photography: Madeline Harper


Do your laundry + tidy up

Beating the Sunday Scaries is all about prepping for the week ahead, and that includes tasks around the house. Set yourself up for success by throwing in a load of laundry, tidying up the kitchen, or clearing off your work desk. This is especially important if you work from home!


Watch Netflix, read, or listen to a podcast

Once you’ve accomplished all of the above, be sure to carve out time that’s entirely “unproductive.” Whether that looks like binge-watching your favorite show or baking a chocolatey treat, you get to choose—no rules!


BONUS: Make Monday feel special

Our last tip to beat those Sunday Scaries? Plan something to look forward to on Monday morning. Start the day with a yoga session, treat yourself to a latte, wear a new outfit or anything that gets your week off on the right foot. 



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