Beautiful Storage Solutions For Every Room

As cliche as it sounds, Springtime is all about a refresh. And with the change of seasons right around the corner, we are fully focused on cleaning, organizing and subtracting all the clutter. But seriously, how is there so much clutter?!?!

So with a big Spring clean in mind, we set out to find beautiful storage solutions to add to your repertoire. Everything from baskets to catch-all trays, glass jars, and lucite office accessories are tucked inside. If you are in cleaning mode, breathe some beauty into that organization with items that firmly land in the form meets function category.


Beautiful Storage Solutions for Every Single Room | Organized Pantry Shelves | The Identite Collective

Interior Design and Photography: Studio McGee



Give Us All the Baskets



If there is one thing that we hoard like it’s our job, it would be baskets. They are a workhorse in the organization department and offer a layer of texture and beauty to any space. Metal baskets in the pantry, large baskets in the living room to store toys and blankets, or in the mudroom for stowing away shoes and equipment. Yep, baskets definitely fall in the pretty storage category.


Beautiful Storage Solutions for Every Single Room | living room sofa styling | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Harlowe James | Photography: Torrey Fox





Much like baskets, we are major advocates of tray usage. It’s safe to say they work in each and every room and have become an organizing staple. Whether you are displaying pretty trinkets on your dresser or using trays to cluster and organize like-minded items, they are a go-to piece and a great catch-all.


Beautiful Storage Solutions for Every Single Room | Living Room Organization | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Bria Hammel | Photography: Spacecrafting



Glass Jars and Canisters



This Spring, ditch the plastic containers and opt for glass jars or canisters instead. Things like dry food goods, laundry essentials, beauty staples or even kid’s art supplies are instantly transformed into a chic display. And there are so many options at really great price points. We love how a simple glass jar can totally transform a countertop and don’t even get us started on pantries.



Beautiful Storage Solutions for Every Single Room | Office Shelving Organization | The Identite Collective

Interior Design and Photography: Studio McGee



Boxes and Trunks



Boxes are not only really beautiful storage staples but they are great for shelf styling as well. If you have trinkets that you want to tuck away, utilize stacked boxes for storage that doubles as a shelfie objet d’art. They also work perfectly for office organization. Stow those files in style!



If you have Spring cleaning and organizing on the agenda, these pieces are worth their weight in gold. And our mantra is you can never have too many baskets, or trays, and maybe jars. Use the tag #IDCOatHome on Instagram to show us how you are styling and organizing your gorgeous spaces.


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Erin Lepperd is an interior designer – turned digital media editor with a penchant for breathtaking interiors. When she’s not gabbing about design, you’ll find her wrangling her wild and wonderful 5 year old twins, brunching like it’s her job and exploring the wilds of New England as a California transplant.


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