Best Instagram Accounts for 2018

Instagram algorithms are constantly changing. No one sees everyones posts anymore. And 90% of photos feel like stock these days. It’s easy to feel like throwing in the Instagram towel right now. However – Instagram is still magic. It’s still a platform built for creatives and makers and story tellers. It’s still a platform that connects us to every corner of the globe. It’s still a platform that introduced me to my Creative Clique and the best friends I’ve ever known.


To inspire you for the new year, I’ve rounded up the best Instagram accounts for 2018. There is no rhyme or reason to why I picked these accounts. The only thing that ties them together is their images and their captions stop me in my scrolling tracks. Every time. They post original photos of work they’ve created and their work deserves to be seen. The funny thing about Instagram is how often I stumble upon new accounts I’ve never heard of that have massive followings. It keeps introducing me to new friends and inspiration. The entire concept is truly quite humbling.


To those who made the list below – thank you. Thank you for introducing me to new things. For inspiring me to try new hobbies. To cook something new. Or go somewhere I’ve never been. You, my friends, are the magic of Instagram.


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Sophia @lemontree_interiors 

One of my favorite interior designers on Instagram, Sophia is relaxed yet polished. Her contemporary spaces filled with collected items bring warmth to her cool climate.


Mandy @waitingonmartha –

I’ve followed Mandy for years now. Literally. She is the perfect combination of southern belle, hostess and designer, paired with your best friend from college that constantly keeps you laughing.


Chrissy @_harlowejames –

If you’ve followed me for a while, this will come to no surprise. But Chrissy’s account is always 100% original with killer content popping up every day. She encourages her followers to live their best life, and she’s taught me that every moment can be beautiful.


Kristen @kristinjonesy –

Kristin is brilliant and she keeps it real. She’s that ridiculously cool girl who has no idea just how cool she is.


Rezel @rezelkealoha –


I’m definitely not a foodie, but Rezel’s food styling and photography makes me consider cooking, every single day. And that is a win. Her beautiful, organic styling will always have my heart.


Jeff @jeffmindell –


You’re probably following his wife at Studio DIY, but Jeff is the kindest soul on Instagram. His stories are the part you don’t want to miss. The way he captures everyday moments helps remind me to stop, mid-day, and take a moment to soak it in. I’ve never seen an influencer more engaged with their audience. Jeff just has that gift that makes everyone he speaks to feel like the most important person in the world.


Sarah @electricsuncreatives –


Sarah makes jewelry for your home. There is no other way to describe it. Feel free to buy me one of her masterpieces. Or 100. Whatevs.


Kayla @kaylaladams –


Kayla’s eye for detail and endless style makes her account one of my top picks. If I could be the very best version of myself, it would be Kayla.


Sara @robertandstella –


Sweet, sweet Sara is an artist combining two of my favorite things: florals and geometry. Her meticulously crafted photos leave me staring for a half an hour. No account inspires me more.


Abbey @wayfarerdesignstudio –


I feel like in any industry, you have someone who’s work you admire the most. For me, that is Abbey. Her graphic designs are this serendipitous combination of minimal and feminine. It’s a skill I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to master. But in the meantime, admiring her successes is a huge joy.


Alexa @alexa_coe –


I have this thing for line drawings and Alexa’s nudes are whimsical and sexy and raw and perfect. If you want an account that makes you feel something, this is it.



Alyssa @alyssakapitointeriors –


Alyssa’s account is just peaceful. It has a cozy, sophisticated feel that instantly transports me to Manhattan along with her. Something about the neutral palette and incredible mill work she features makes her on of the best Instagram accounts of 2018.



Tori @harpermaven –


Tori is another one of my design heroes. Her feminine grace pours into every project of hers. She gives branding and web designers something to aspire to. Better yet, she’s ridiculously kind and generous with her knowledge.


Ramon @ramongomez –


Ramon and I have been friends for a year now on Instagram and he’s never gonna get rid of me. His layered, textural, tactile flatlays are like no other. In addition to incredible prop styling, his understanding of juxtaposition is astounding. Without a doubt one of the best Instagram accounts for 2018.


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