Best Instagram Accounts for 2019

Last year, our picks for the Best Instagram Accounts was our top viewed post ever. In an effort to promote original content creation and excellent content curation, we’re at it again with 0ur Best Instagram Accounts for 2019. As everyone feels underwhelmed by Instagram and its algorithm lately, it’s a nice reminder that the platform is still a wonderful discovery tool and connection builder.


Just like last year, there is no formula to what accounts made the cut. Some have hundreds of thousands of followers and some have hundreds. Some accounts have stronger Story content while others have jaw dropping feeds. From travel to lifestyle to design and style, here are our top picks for the Best Instagram Accounts in 2019. Looking for more inspo? Follow these hashtags for the best design inspiration around.


A special thank you to each of you on the list (and those that are not). Thank you for following your passion. For sharing your family with us. For contributing your wisdom. For showing up. Thank you for opening our eyes to new experiences and new cultures. We are forever grateful.

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Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Carley Page


My admiration for Carley took a new level with the opportunity to work with her on a client project (released this month). Carley is not just a photographer, she is a harnesser of magic. Carley captures moments in spaces that you feel when you’re there, but never capture on camera. She makes light dance and air stand still. Looking at her photographs feels like those flash back memories you have thinking of summer spent at Grandma’s house baking cookies. They exude warmth and comfort. Her interior design eye and styling technique are just as impressive. You’ll want to turn on notifications for this account.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Lindsey Brooke Design


I may be biased because we manage Lindsey’s account, but the real reason she makes this list has nothing to do with us. Lindsey launched a Monday Mentor Session this year where she candidly shares her answers to interior design business questions. Followers are invited to submit questions every other Sunday and she responds live from her studio on Monday. Her ability to share her professional experience with her “competition” in open and honest way is so inspiring to me. Her feed is entirely original content from her interior design projects and her stories are filled with resources and industry knowledge.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Asiyami Gold

We have so much admiration for this account. Asiyami is a content creator + art director second to none. Her use of color shakes us to our core. Primarily focused on travel and style, she experiences cultures around the world unlike anyone we’ve seen. Her stories are joyful and raw. For all the wanderlust, fashion inspo, beauty + food inspiration you could ever need, follow her here.







Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Quigley

There is no heart more pure than Casey’s. She brings me to tears through unfiltered, candid sparks of joy on a regular basis. Her platform is based on empowerment and acceptance in the most beautiful of ways. Not only are her images striking, she’s a brilliant woman and thought provoking leader. She’s built a brand on whimsical adventure but keeps it real in a refreshingly necessary way. Love you, Q.



Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Kati Forner

We try not to follow other graphic designers very closely to make sure our work stays original, but Kati’s focus on packing is the exception. Having worked with dozens of cult favorite brands, Kati’s portfolio is sophisticated, rich, and a level of refined I can only wish to achieve. Follow Kati for inspiration way beyond just printed materials. She’s a genius in color, shapes, textures and layouts.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Lauren Marttila

Lauren’s photography is the epitome of beachy cool coastal style. Her prints range from cool hues and ocean vistas to black and white surf prints that make my heart skip a beat. Alternating between interiors + beach scapes, Lauren’s feed is making me fall in love with the East Coast.



Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - The Perfect Hideaway

Luxury, boutique short term rentals are a very serious personal interest of mine, and this account curates them perfectly. Having spent 4 months on the road in 2018, finding beautiful, comfortable accommodations is a priority. Use this account as you personal travel concierge and start a travel savings account to go work abroad. They are releasing a “full launch soon”, and I can’t wait to see what that entails because it’s already so good.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Lexi Westergard


In a world full of “reposts” and improperly tagged images, Lexi is a breath of fresh air. 99% of her account is original content from her beautiful portfolio. What I find most fascinating about Lexi Westergard is the level of service she provides her design clients. She specializes in new construction and full renovations, so her stories are fascinating to follow along with the progress. When I grow up, I want to live in a Lexi Westergard house.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Julia Miller


My favorite “secret” account, Julia’s Instagram is no longer so secret. Julia’s account is filled with in-progress and just finished shots of her portfolio and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Her style is SO carefully curated, warm and rich. In a world of bright and airy, Julia’s light but moody work is nothing shy of refreshing. BONUS: watch her stories carefully. She curates product roundups and forecasts trends like nobody’s business.



Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Donnie Wales Interiors

I am VERY into everything Donnie designs. Everything is clean, bright and airy with a little something interesting. In addition to beautiful spaces, I love the way she incorporates life as a working mom so seamlessly. There is no line between the two on her Instagram because there is no line between the two in real life. Think of Donnie as Studio McGee’s British cousin.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Lisa Tharp

A discerning eye, Lisa’s design work is everything I love about Boston. Sophisticated, polished, formal yet inviting, every single image stops me in my scrolling tracks. She balances old world luxury with modern simplicity to craft residential interiors straight out of my dreams. If I ever made the move to the East Coast, Lisa is who I’d call.






Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - The Haven List


2018 brought us the launch of newest online lifestyle publication The Haven List and it is positioning for big things in 2019. In less than five months, Melissa (founder) has grew an astonishingly loyal audience of over 30,000 followers. Not only does the daily publication share dreamy home tours and business tips, it provides a curated list of designers and lifestyle creatives to boot.




Best Instagram Accounts for 2019 - Jeff Mindell

Rounding out the list and making his second consecutive appearance is Jeff Mindell. There’s no other way to put it, Jeff Mindell makes me incredibly happy. Husband to long-time favorite Studio DIY, photographer extraordinaire, and his best role to date – dad to Arlo, Jeff is what makes Instagram great. I love following Jeff as a creative, as a partner to a creative biz owner, and I love watching Jeff as a dad. Come for the pretty pictures, stay for the pee-your-pants hilarious after bedtime stories.


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