The best time for rebranding

Anyone who has ever rebranded will know it can fairly stressful. Rebranding should be exciting and invigorating! An experienced branding and web designer with systems in place will make for a seamless transition.

The growth that comes with rebranding and the opportunity to refine your business is a necessary step for any business owner. If you are considering a rebrand, fall is actually the perfect time of year and here’s why:

when is the best time to rebrand

The New Year Rush

The biggest benefit for small business owners to rebrand in the fall is that clients are more willing to invest in your services in January and February. Whether an interior designer, professional organizer, home builder or coach, the new year brings new lifestyle goals for your clients.

Take advantage of your client’s new year resolutions and be prepared with a stunning rebrand and optimized website.

Web Traffic Peaks

Let’s talk about web traffic during the holidays. We spend nearly double the time online during November and December. It’s safe to say that most of your clients do as well! With more time off to browse the internet, stressful holiday travel lends to serious scrolling.

This is another prime reason to rebrand during the holidays. Your ability to reach your ideal client is almost doubled! Plus, what better than a new fresh look to catch that potential client’s eye?


Pro-Tip: Make sure your new site is optimized for mobile!

Rebranding + Tax Benefits

Last but certainly not least, if you rebrand during the holidays you get to write off  those expenses on THIS years taxes! That means you don’t have to wait a whole year to receive those benefits. Branding and web design can save you thousands as tax season ramps up. Financially, this is a big plus. Every piece of a rebrand and web design is a 100% write off: from designer fees to web hosting, custom photograph to your beautiful new notecards.

Rebranding your creative small business during the 4th quarter is one of the most lucrative and strategic decisions you can make for your brand. If you’re interested in working together in time for a new year launch, contact us here. Click here to learn about our client process.



The Identité Collective is a full service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and social media content creation, we help small businesses elevate their digital presence to become industry experts. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.


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