5 Types of Logos + Why You Need Them All

If you aren’t well-versed in web design, you might be confused as to why our clients receive five different logos. While it might seem like one logo would be plenty, there are several situations to account for that one logo cannot fulfill (i.e., small spaces that would render text unreadable). And while having these unique […]

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2019 Marketing Budget for Interior Designers

As strange as it feels to say, 2018 is swiftly coming to a close. That means two things: the holiday season is here AND it’s time to start planning your marketing budget for 2019. If you’re ready to be strategic about building the intentional brand of your dreams, this is the time to begin.   […]

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Branding and Web Design Process

At The Identité Collective, our passion is developing sophisticated, refined lifestyle brands and expertly curated websites for them to inhabit. Our clients are some of the most creative and influential forces in their industries and we are thrilled to be in their company. A well-executed brand and accompanying website is the ultimate investment. We channel […]

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October Mix Tape: X

We are not prepared to end this amazing month in Barcelona. The last 30 days have been nothing short of magical. Barcelona is my favorite city in the world + I can’t wait to return (again) very soon. Each of these songs represent a specific memory from our trip or remind us of a friend […]

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