Designers’ Guide to Paint Colors

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wallowed over paint color options. Just the site of paint chips can send us into decision paralysis — so.many.choices. Are you on the hunt for the perfect shade of white? (always!) Do you need a warm white or prefer a cool tone? Is a navy kitchen island on your […]

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Our Favorites List for the Month of April

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and April marks the first full month of Spring. So we’re going to go ahead and declare this month’s list – Springtime Favorites. Sound like a plan? On our radar this month, we’ve included everything from a chic linen blazer, to the best daily sunscreen and cement basket planters that are guaranteed to be […]

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Four Ways to Style Modern Four-Poster Beds

True classics never go out of style, hence why they are classic through and through. But sometimes a rebrand is in order. One piece that we are seeing reimagined in such a cool, fresh way is the four-poster bed. These beauties date back to the 15th century, making them no stranger to a luxury bedroom […]

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How to Properly + Automatically Backup Your Computer

If you were following along on Instagram stories last week, you might have seen that my computer bit the dust halfway through my work week. I had to buy a new computer—which was an unexpected investment—but I was able to keep what is irreplaceable: my photos and files for client work and my own business. […]

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