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Branding plays a big role in every business. However, for interior designers and event planners (truly ALL  lifestyle brands) it plays a vital role. Your branding and website should be a direct reflection of your signature style. If it isn’t, you are not maximizing your booking potential! Don’t worry though, we are here to help you create a more cohesive relationship between your services and your branding.

Today we want to discuss the biggest step to create a signature brand experience.

Branding your portfolio is key

Your branding should be a direct reflection of your portfolio. Your portfolio should be a direct reflection of your branding. It can be tricky to keep portfolio projects in harmony, since as an interior designer or event planner, every project is different.

Keeping your portfolio visually consistent will help you create a cohesive brand that will attract the dream clients you are looking for!

Adding branded elements to your digital portfolio will help make your work instantly recognizable. For some businesses, that may just be a watermark of their professionally designed logo. Here at IDCO, we like to make all of our clients have fully branded portfolio pages, that tie into their own branding, while showcasing the portfolio piece fully.

Interior designer, Decorotation, is a prime example of letting your brand’s signature style shine on every page. 10th Collection – a luxury event rental company – showcases their signature pieces perfectly. Traveling wedding photographer, Emma Lee Photography, has a super unique portfolio that exemplifies her bohemian elegance.

A potential client should know what to expect in your portfolio before ever visiting it. This means your logo, signature, fonts, color palette and tone should communicate your designs before your portfolio even needs to. Think of your portfolio as the cherry on top. You should never have to rely on your portfolio to express your style and work.


A few favorite brands and how their branding showcases their signature style
1. Studio McGee

An all time favorite brand of ours just got a facelift from Saturday Studio and the simple, modern fonts pair perfectly with touches of handwritten scripts. Their signature style is perfectly highlighted paired with a neutral color palette and minimal navigation.

2. Cuyana

Notice the modern, simple sans serif that builds to the minimalist lifestyle they sell with their pieces. Cuyana believes in fewer, better pieces, and their website and branding shows just that.

3. Schoolhouse Electric

A very modern take on retro style, just like their products. The tracking of the letters in their branding subconsciously evokes a vintage vibe. We’re way into it.


Finally, its time to evaluate how you are doing. A good way to check is to select few projects from your portfolio that you feel represent your style best and place them next to your logos, fonts, and other signature branding elements. Then inspect them to see how cohesive they are. Could they belong on the same mood board?

It can be overwhelming to fine tune your brand and portfolio to harmonize with the vision you have for your business, we know. The good news is that a branding and web designer can bring your signature style out with something as simple as a text logo!



The Identité Collective is a full service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and social media content creation, we help small businesses elevate their digital presence to become industry experts. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.



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