Content Ideas for Interior Design Business Blogs

More than likely, this year has given you an opportunity to revamp your processes as both a designer and a business owner. Maybe you’ve spent time streamlining your workflow, rethinking your social media strategy, investing in educational resources, or setting new goals for the months ahead. All of those things are incredibly important to your business development, but one area you might not be actively considering? Establishing an interior design business blog.

As a creative marketing agency, we believe that social media vs. blogging is not an “entire-or” situation, but instead a “both-and.” Many of our website templates even have a customizable blog feature built-in for this very reason. Use social media + blogging well together, and you’ll be managing your brand’s content gameplan like a pro.


Interior Design: Katie Hodges Design | Photography: Haris Kenjar


Why Blogging Matters for Interior Designers

Before you write off blogging as a hobby, hear us out on this. Blogging for your interior design business isn’t just about project reveals—although that’s great content to include! But it’s also an opportunity to further develop your brand identity and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Plus, blogging is a really effective way to level up your website’s SEO, and potentially earn additional income through affiliate marketing.

In a moment where Instagram has the spotlight, it’s understandable that some creative business owners might not view blogging as a top priority. But here’s the thing to remember: blog posts are content pieces that YOU own. Unlike social media posts hosted on an outside platform, blog content brings potential clients to your website, where they’re much more likely to view your portfolio or submit an inquiry form.

Getting those potential clients to your website should always be the goal, which is why establishing an interior design business blog is incredibly strategic. Not quite convinced? Let’s walk through a few ways blogging can impact your bottom line.



How Blogging Benefits Your Business

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By crafting consistent blog posts with quality content that’s relevant to your audience, you are helping your website rank higher in search engine results. That is huge for attracting prospective customers. Plus, producing blog content allows images to be linked back to your site via Pinterest. We’ve previously shared that 95% of our website traffic here at IDCO comes directly from Pinterest, and that’s all because we have a blog.


  • Project Storytelling

Marketing any new project requires a ton of thoughtful strategy—so much so that we’ve developed an entire course around it. And one of the best ways to get the most out of your new project images comes down to blogging. Not only are you able to share so many more images than a single Instagram post, but you have a space to really explain all the nuances of the project.


Interior Design: Bria Hammel Interiors | Photography: Spacecrafting Photography


  • Affiliate Link Income

As an interior designer, you can easily incorporate product roundups and project reveals on your blog to utilize affiliate links. These product-based blog posts not only give your readers answers to all of their source questions but they are a simple way to earn more of a passive income than you would with social media alone.


  • Evergreen Content

In the fast-paced world of social media, an Instagram post has a lifespan of 72 hours. That is but a blip in comparison to a blog post that lives on your site forever. The power of everlasting content is invaluable and we break that down much more here.


  • Explaining Processes

Through your blog, you can explain how your design processes set you apart from the competition. IDCO client and interior designer Julia Miller recently published her full design process, and it’s a great example of utilizing a long-form blog post to attract future clients.


Interior Design: Ginny Macdonald Design | Photography: Tessa Neustadt


Content Ideas for Interior Design Business Blog

Now that we’ve covered the “why” behind blogging, let’s talk about types of content to produce. Much like your Pinterest and Instagram marketing strategy, you’ll want to develop an editorial calendar for your blog. We cover this topic in-depth through our Content Planning for Interior Designers course if you’d like to learn more. In the meantime, here are some content ideas to get you started:


Show off your latest work, and be sure to highlight all the incredible design heavy problem-solving you did along the way.


  • Design Education

Whether it’s project budgets, materials, or sourcing via trade vendors, create content around whatever you wish clients knew about the design process. 


  • Local Makers Q&A

Highlight your favorite small makers or local artisans with a Q&A interview post. Show readers who you love to collaborate with on the regular, and what makes their craftsmanship so special.



Interior Design: Romanek Design Studio | Photography: Nicki Sebastian


  • Styling Tips + Design Trends

These click-worthy posts are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. Plus, they showcase your expertise as a designer. 


  • Product Round-Ups 

We touched on affiliate links content above, and a round-up post is a perfect opportunity to use them. Think seasonal gift guides or favorite things posts.


  • Lifestyle Content 

Your interior design business blog can definitely include a mix of related content within the lifestyle genre. In fact, showcasing your tastes in art, fashion, food or travel is a great way to produce a well-rounded editorial calendar.


Are you feeling ready to try your hand at blogging? Let us know how it goes in the comments below! Plus, don’t forget to browse our Studio Sessions collection for in-depth online courses on everything design school won’t teach you.



IDCO Studio is a full-service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and social media content creation, we help brands built around beautiful living elevate their digital presence to represent the physical spaces they design. Our recently launched limited-release website templates are the perfect way for interior designers to get a luxury website on a budget. These templates allow designers to maintain control of their content. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.


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