Capsule Wardrobe How-To

Have you ever attempted to create a capsule wardrobe? They are everywhere these days, and while the thought of pairing down seems lovely, the actual act of can be a bit daunting. So we’re calling in the experts. Not only is Shira Gill a mastermind in organization and well-styled closet makeovers, but she has crafted the exact process to curating a capsule wardrobe. We’re taking notes!

Forget those overstuffed closets, clothes that still have tags on them or the feeling of never having anything to wear. With these simple tricks, you can easily edit your spring wardrobe down to a streamlined collection of quality items. That whole theory less is more so rings true with this concept. Read on for the how-to and for more, check out Shira’s Virtual Closet Makeover program that just launched for Spring!


Capsule Wardrobe How-To | Spring Closet Capsule | The Identite Collective



Get Curious About Capsules


A capsule wardrobe is just a curated mini-wardrobe composed of your favorite essential mix-and-match pieces.

Curious about how a capsule wardrobe can help you reduce decision fatigue and simplify your morning routine? If you want to try out the capsule wardrobe lifestyle this spring, try the following:



Choose a Quantity and a Timeframe


This could be challenging yourself to work with ten mix-and-match pieces for a week or thirty pieces for the season. There is no magic number and no hard and fast rules so just set whatever parameters feel good and realistic to you. Make sure to consult your calendar and consider your lifestyle, weather, travel, and events when picking your number and timeframe.



Create a Style Profile


Pull inspiration from blogs, magazine, Pinterest, or just your own imagination. Decide how you want to look and feel in your clothing so you can dress with more intention. Before you pull anything from your closet, make sure you have a clear vision for your “style profile.” Picking a few words like “effortless chic” or “classic and elevated” can help anchor your choices moving forward and keep you on track.


Capsule Wardrobe How-To | Spring Closet Capsule | The Identite Collective



Pick a Color Palette


Start by picking a base-color and a few accent colors to work with for your capsule experiment. Make sure the colors you choose can easily mix and match to create new outfits.



Select Your Favorites


Pull out all of your favorite wardrobe essentials that make sense for the current season. These are the items you’re excited to wear now that don’t require a lot of work or layering to pull off. Choosing a silhouette or a basic outfit formula may help (i.e skinny pant or jean + simple blouse or sweater.) Remember, a capsule wardrobe is all about making your life easier so keep it as simple as possible while retaining your unique personal style.

Capsule Wardrobe How-To | Spring Outfit Ideas | The Identite Collective



Get Creative


Add versatility to your capsule wardrobe by adding jewelry or accessories, swapping shoes to transition from day to night, or playing with new makeup or hairstyles. Use this as an opportunity to layer, mix and match, and experiment with unusual color combos. You’ll be surprised at how many new outfits you can create just by “shopping” your own closet.





Ditching the duds and curating your closet with fewer, better pieces will help you simplify your daily routine, boost efficiency, and help you take this spring by storm as your most stylish and confident self.




Shira Gill probably thinks you have too much stuff.

Visit her at www.shiragill.com to sign up for her signature Virtual Closet Makeover Program or to check out her tips on decluttering, organization, and style. Follow Shira on Instagram @shiragill







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