Coming Soon! Exclusive IDCO Website Templates

ICYMI, we are releasing a handful of exclusive website templates handmade by IDCO for interior designers each month starting in May. We are so excited about this addition to our already-extensive offerings, but you might be wondering what makes an IDCO template different from the hundreds of website templates already available online. First and foremost, […]

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Drafting the Perfect Pitch Email

In a previous blog, we shared our best tips for getting your interior design work published. At the time, we heard from so many of you about how intimidated you had been by the process of writing and sending pitch emails. Especially for designers without a designated marketing coordinator or department, getting your work published […]

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The Best Process for File Organization

Last week, we walked you through our tried-and-true process for backing up files so that you never lose any of your hard work to a computer malfunction. If that post inspired you to get serious about file organization and safety, today’s post is for you. We’re giving you the exact formula we use for file […]

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How to Properly + Automatically Backup Your Computer

If you were following along on Instagram stories last week, you might have seen that my computer bit the dust halfway through my work week. I had to buy a new computer—which was an unexpected investment—but I was able to keep what is irreplaceable: my photos and files for client work and my own business. […]

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