The Client Process Documents You Need as an Interior Designer

In a service-based industry like design, client experience is everything. From the initial outreach to the final send-off, every designer needs a seamless process in place to impress clients at every turn. Maybe you’ve already developed an investment guide to help field new inquiries, but the work doesn’t end there. Once you’ve signed on a new client, it’s time to continue showcasing your brand. That’s why we’ve created The Billie and The Leigh Welcome Guide, Investment Guide, and Goodbye Packet Templates, now available to shop either individually or bundled at IDCO Studio.

These customizable templates for interior designers serve so many functions, like setting expectations, sharing timelines, and communicating what to expect each step of the way. Not only are these materials a key part of the client education process, but they’re one of the QUICKEST ways to take your brand experience to the next level.


The Billie Welcome Guide Template


The Elements of an Investment + Welcome Guide


An investment guide is a dual-purpose document that every designer should have on hand to send to potential clients. When you receive an inquiry, you need to respond in a way that converts good prospects to clients and weeds out the rest. While providing this information upfront is a benefit to hopeful clients, it is also a time-saving measure for you and your staff so that your valuable time is spent designing instead of fielding questions via email. 

Next, once you’ve signed on a new client, it’s time to get straight to work, right? Not so fast. Before a project officially takes off, it’s important to give your client a warm welcome and reassure them their home is in great hands. While it requires some legwork, creating a welcome guide is a done-and-one document that gives your clients an overview of what to expect, and it’s something that they can continually reference throughout the project. 

To help make the process infinitely easier, we’ve created The Leigh and The Billie Investment Guides and Welcome Guides, both of which can be fully customized to your brand. Our documents are delivered as an editable Canva template with done-for-you copy that’s ready to impress. Purchase them separately or bundled as a three-document set for the ultimate ease + convenience. 


Interior Design: CC + Em Interiors


Our Investment Guide Templates Includes:


  • Cover
  • Section Cover Pages
  • Introduction or Testimonial Page
  • Services + Packages Page
  • Design Process Outline Pages
  • Communication Guidelines Page
  • Payments Information Page
  • About Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Contact Page


Our Welcome Guide Templates Includes:


  • Carefully-crafted copy waiting for your personalization 
  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Section Cover Pages
  • Meet the Team Pages
  • Billing Schedule Page
  • Payment Information Page
  • What to Expect Page
  • Frequently Asked Question Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Contact Page


The Leigh Welcome Guide Template


The Elements of a Goodbye Packet


First impressions are important, but last impressions are what turn one-off projects into recurring business. As a part of the wrap-up process, we highly recommend sending your clients a Goodbye Packet that acts as both a heartfelt thank you, and offers next steps to work together in the future.

With those two key goals in mind, we’ve created The Leigh and The Bille Goodbye Packet to make your offboarding process a highly branded experience. Each of our goodbye packets is designed as a fully editable Canva template, including a formal goodbye of well wishes, care guides, next steps, and professional copy, all within a 12-page document. Just like our other client process materials, The Goodbye Packet is entirely editable to your brand colors and style.


Interior Design: Oakstone Homes | Photography: Lauren Konrad


Our Goodbye Packet Templates Include:


  • Carefully-crafted copy waiting for your personalization
  • Cover Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Section Cover Page
  • Product Warranty Use Pages
  • Product Care Instruction Pages
  • How To Work Together After Completion
  • Thank You + Contact Page



Design: Stefani Stein  | Photography: Jenna Peffley


Client Process Bundle


If you’re looking to streamline your brand documents EVEN further, we’ve created our Client Process Bundle just for you. This three-part bundle (available in both The Leigh and The Billie) includes our Investment Guide, Welcome Kit, and Goodbye Packet templates. These fully editable Canva templates for interior designers are multi-page documents that walk clients through your entire design process on beautifully designed pages. We love the combination of all three, to ensure your clients get the same, hands-on, polished experience from start to finish. Head over to the IDCO Studio shop to get started.


The Billie Goodbye Packet




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