Gaining Confidence on Camera as a Designer

Video content has gained tons of momentum over the past several years, and it’s completely reshaped the way most designers think about sharing their work. In a visually-driven industry like design, the rise of video has opened doors to capture clients in new ways, and it’s allowed designers to connect with their online audience on a more personal level.

But what about those nervous to step in front of the camera themselves? It’s true—gaining confidence on camera comes with a steep learning curve. But we also think it’s entirely worth it. We’ve filmed everything from Studio Sessions to live IGTV to weekly IG Stories content, and we’ve picked up a few pointers along the way. Today, we’re sharing our best tips to ease the awkwardness of camera time and help you put a (literal) face to your brand.


Photography: Madeline Harper

Start Small

Hiring professional videography is a great idea for home tours, styling tutorials, and project reveals, but if you’re brand new to the world of video content, just focus on getting started. Instagram Stories, IGTV, or Reels are all perfect ways to create some low stakes video content and help get you more comfortable putting your face on camera. Hop on regularly to connect with your audience, and give them a sense of your personality and professional expertise. 

Our friend Lindsey Borchard does this so well with her Monday Mentor Sessions on Instagram Stories. This series gives her an opportunity to talk on subjects she’s passionate about (which always helps ease nerves!) and gives followers a closer look into her business. No matter what type of video content you’re sharing, start small, make it consistent, and remember that practice makes better.



Put in Some Prep Work

Doing a little homework beforehand can actually make a world of difference when it comes time to film. It’s always a good idea to jot down some bullet points thoughts, run through what you’re going to say, and even do a test or two on-camera. While you don’t need a script or word-for-word cue cards, you do want to have a good grasp on your content to avoid the dreaded pauses, tangents, likes, and ums. 

However, if you are hiring professional videography, the prep work is more involved and confidence on camera is a must. For professionally filmed content, we recommend a written script, tons of practice, and even a teleprompter, if your film team provides one. We repeat: do NOT wing it with professional videography. Trust us; you’ll be so glad you put in the prep time once the final product is delivered to your inbox.



Know Your Angles

Whenever you’re stepping in front of the camera to represent your brand, you want to put your best foot forward. That means making sure you look the part, know your angles, and as always, good lighting is your friend. If you’re recording yourself, make sure to face a window and put your phone on a tripod to avoid the shaky footage. Place the camera slightly higher than eye level and angle it down for the most flattering shot. 


Don’t Over-Analyze 

The truth is that no one loves how they look and sound on camera 100% of the time. Here’s our advice: once you’ve filmed a video made for IG Stories or social media content, don’t watch it back in entirety. Check out the first 15 seconds or so, and if it sounds and looks okay, go ahead and use it. It’s super easy to nitpick while watching yourself on camera or listening to your voice, but the key is to post and move forward. We promise you’ll always be your own worst critic!



Have Some Fun!

Probably the most underrated way to gain confidence on camera never to take yourself too seriously. The whole idea behind video content is to infuse personality into your brand, so make sure to talk in an approachable, conversational voice, and let your warmth shine through. If you’re able to look past the initial awkwardness and get in front of the camera regularly, you’ll not only have a little fun, but you’ll see those engagement levels fly through the roof.


If you’d like to dive deeper into the topic of crafting a compelling brand story through video, imagery, and copy, check out our online course Content Planning for Interior Designers in our Studio Sessions collection.



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