12 Dark + Moody Interiors We Love

With Halloween right around the corner, we’ve momentarily shifted our attention from bright and light interiors to spaces with a little added drama. We’re talking black walls, bold accents, and heightened contrast for a statement effect. Each one of these spaces is a lesson in visual balance, with each designer demonstrating they aren’t afraid to take a risk. Scroll on for twelve of the best dark and moody interiors, proving sometimes it’s best to take a step on the dark side.


the best dark + moody interiors


Design: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt



Believe it or not, black walls can serve as the perfect blank canvas for design. Just add layers of earth tones and plenty of wood elements to help ground the space.


Interior Design: Studio McGee | Photography: Lucy Call



This wall of black cabinetry is softened up by a classic white backsplash, and we love the final effect. The curved accent chair also brings a nice touch of balance and texture to the scene.


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Interior Design: Park & Oak



The only thing cooler than a black and white checkered floor is the surrounding dark cabinetry. Who knew a pantry could bring so much drama?


Interior Design: Stefani Stein | Photography: Jenna Peffley



Anything Stefani Stein touches turns to gold, and this space is no exception. She used Portola Paints ‘Fade to Black’ Roman Clay for a striking accent wall with a textural finish.⁣


Interior Design: Studio McGee | Photography: Lucy Call



If there’s one major takeaway from this space, it’s that dark walls don’t have to feel closed in. With tons of bright elements and plenty of natural light, this room feels balanced in all the right ways.


Design: Nicole White Interiors


Nicole White is never one to play it safe, and that’s exactly why we love her work. She used Sherwin William’s ‘Tricorn Black’ for this office that’s the ultimate work from home scene.


Interior Design: Heidi Caillier Design | Photography: Haris Kenjar



Who says kids’ rooms can’t fall into the dark and moody category? Heidi Caillier shows us how it’s done with whimsical wallpaper adding a playful element to the space.


Interior Design: reDesign Home | Photography: Ryan McDonald



There’s no doubt about it: going for a black kitchen can feel like a huge risk. But when it’s beautifully designed in the hands of reDesign Home (hello, marble backsplash, and brass pulls), the payoff is tenfold.


Interior Design: reDesign Home | Photography: Stoffer Photography



Sometimes bringing a little drama to the powder room can completely transform your space. Just take a look at this wallpaper situation that adds texture, contrast, and depth all in one swoop.


Interior Design: Lindsey Brooke Design | Photography: Amy Bartlam



For anyone on the fence about black walls, Lindsey Brooke is showcasing a perfect comprise. With a moody accent above the fireplace, she managed to add tons of visual drama without a full commitment.


Interior Design: Mikel Welch



No one can pull off a moody space quite like Mikel Welch. With leather, wood, and natural elements, he managed to make a room of dark walls feel irresistibly inviting.


Interior Design: reDesign Home | Photography: Stoffer Photography



Even the smallest of spaces can handle a moody look, this bungalow bathroom included. Just add wine, and you have the ultimate tub soaking set-up.



Love a good moody space as much as we do? Stay tuned for our favorite moody exteriors coming up next week!


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