4 Design Features to Support Mental Health

It’s mid-January, and we’re currently in some of the shortest days of the year. On top of the limited daylight hours, so many people are experiencing stay-at-home quarantines admit the recent post-holiday covid spike. All that being said, prioritizing mental and emotional well-being is more important than ever, and it all starts with your home environment. Tips like organization, decluttering, and keeping a tidy space are essential, but we’re taking it a few steps further. Read on for our favorite mood-boosting design features to support mental health throughout the winter season.


Green kitchen with brass hardware, 4 Design Features to Support Mental Health

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one. consider color


Did you know experts believe color has the power to directly impact your mood—both for better and for worse. The problem is that determining the “best” hues isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. While some might find neutral spaces incredibly calming, others are drawn to more vivid tones that energize the senses. Mood-boosting color is very much a matter of personal preference, but here are a few shades we love in both warm and cool tones:


Best Cool Colors


Best Warm Colors


Best Vivid Colors


Best Neutrals


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The Identite Collective primary bedroom, 4 Design Features to Support Mental Health


two. include natural elements


It’s no secret that plants and botanicals add so much life to a space. They brighten up even the dreariest of winter days and are one of the key design features to support mental health. We recommend including at least one house plant or fresh flower arrangement in your kitchen, main living area, and home office. Start by paying a visit to your local floral shop or order online for the ultimate convenience. Don’t consider yourself much of a green thumb? Dried or high-quality faux botanicals can be an excellent alternative.




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The Identite Collective entryway, 4 Design Features to Support Mental Health


three. reevaluate light sources


Natural light is everything when it comes to beating winter blues. If you’re working from home, consider choosing a space with the most windows possible. Natural light will help give you a sense of connection to the outside world and makes all the difference in your daily mood. Another option is purchasing a happy light for your desk. Light therapy lamps are an easy, inexpensive way to prioritize your well-being throughout the workday.


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The Identite Collective bedroom dresser, 4 Design Features to Support Mental Health


four. incorporate calming scents


Designing with scent plays such an important role in a home’s sensory experience. Whether it’s lighting a favorite candle or enjoying the aroma of a diffuser, scent works to elevate a space and evoke notes of the current season. Go ahead and boost your mood with these classic scents to burn throughout the day.



The Identite Collective living room, 4 Design Features to Support Mental Health


Tell us: how are you incorporating design features to support mental health this winter season? Stay well, friends!



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