Drop your bounce rate by half

What is your bounce rate? Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your website after viewing just one page. Google views this as a quality score. If people click to multiple pages on your website, Google thinks your website has valuable information. Most industries aim for a bounce rate of 50% or less. We’ve created the perfect tool to drop that number below significantly.

We are so excited to share this SEO tip with you today! This is probably one of the most impactful tips we will share with you and the best part is that it is so simple to implement. Which means it won’t take a complete website overhaul to fix that bounce rate and help optimize your position in search results.

Stop using linktr.ee and make your own landing page. You’ve probably seen those handy Linktr.ee URLs in people’s bios. They direct you to a landing page, with buttons to click through to different parts of your site. The problem? That landing page isn’t on your website, so you aren’t getting credited with those visitors.


So – make your own. Really though, it is that simple and we promise you it is worth the small amount of work it will take. Don’t worry, there are only 2 steps and we will lay them out for you to make it as simple as possible!



How to lower your bounce rate to less than 1% using an Instagram landing page

Step One

Ok, first step is to create a new page on your website. This will be like a directory page. The most important thing here is that it is mobile friendly and not overwhelming. Simple is better. This page needs to be straightforward and should link to your top services or products, projects you want to share, your blog, etc. Most importantly, this page should have a direct link to book with you.

What do your followers come to your page to see? If you post about a giveaway or a new product or service, make sure to link to that item first. Make it easy for them to know where they want to go!


Step Two

Next step will be to add the link to this page to your bio on Instagram. Most of us have our homepage URL filling that spot which is great! But this allows you to guide and direct your clientele where they want to go without any confusion. It’s also super handy for bloggers, who have multiple posts they like to direct followers to. It limits confusion, and prevents clicking away. Plus, it also benefits your SEO a great deal!


So how does this help my bounce rate?

By following these two simple steps, you not are directing all website traffic from Instagram to one single landing page. When someone clicks your link to find more information and then has to click through to their proper destination it is instantly eliminating your bounce rate. No more home page visitors who come to browse through all of your home page’s initial information and then “bounce”. This is why it is important to keep your directory page simple and clean. Don’t provide too much or it may become a second home page that won’t achieve its potential.


Why does it matter?

Remember why it matters! The lower your bounce rate, the higher search engines will rank your website. So low bounce rate = high search engine priority! Ready to check your bounce rate? Simply view your dashboard in Google Analytics and see where yours falls.


Let us know in the comments how it works for you! We’ve tested it on numerous clients, with the same amazing results. We love to hear from you!




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