Embracing Community Over Competition

Social media can feel like one big popularity contest, especially when you’re promoting your business and your “like” counts are viewed as a barometer of success. When you’re investing time and often money into a particular platform, it’s easy to get caught up in outperforming other related accounts.

“Community Over Competition” is more than a trendy phrase or catchy hashtag, it’s the belief that there is enough room at the top for everyone and that creativity is an unlimited resource. It puts into practice the Robert Ingersoll quote: “We rise by lifting others.”

Embracing Community Over Competition | Vintage Cane Seating Nook | The Identite Collective

Interior Design: Jen Samson | Photography: Chad Mellon


Here at IDCO, it’s a hot topic. Do we want to be the best in our industry? Of course. Do we believe that designation has to come at the cost of burnt bridges and isolating ourselves from our industry community? Definitely not. Beyond all that, we are continually amazed at the value that our business connections bring to our lives, both personally and professionally. Small business owners in related fields can be your best sounding boards, cheerleaders, and resources as you grow.

Today, we are sharing our best tips for embracing #communityovercompetition as an interior designer:



Be intentional about engaging



Create or find a relevant “engagement pod” with designers of a similar style based in different locations. If you aren’t sure what an engagement pod is, it’s basically a subgroup on Instagram for chatting and commenting on/liking member content. Another way to promote community content is by creating shared inspiration boards on Pinterest where you can contribute portfolio work. It’s a win-win: brainstorm with like minds and get more traffic to your images.


Partner for referrals


Creating relationships with the designers in your area is so important, even if they are your direct competition. This is the most effective way to get quality referrals, and other designers’ names are great to have on hand when you get an inquiry that isn’t a great fit for you personally.


Embrace the re-gram


When your work is shared from another designer or home account (appropriately), consider it free marketing! While giving proper credit is so important (check out our tips for Instagram etiquette here!), it’s imperative to make the best of any and all re-gramming. Our good friends at Studio McGee regularly credit social media shares with their rapid growth and widespread reach. The more eyes on your work, the better—no matter how you get those views!


Utilize Hashtags


If you stumble upon other designers’ hashtags that are relevant to you and your work, use them! It’s a quick way to grow your audience and fosters goodwill amongst your fellow designers. Their target market is likely yours, so get involved in the conversation! Here are a few of our favorite Interior Design hashtags.


Embracing Community Over Competition | Neutral Living Room Decor with Art Gallery Wall | The Identite Collective

Photography: Madeline Harper


What good is social media if we remove the social aspect? We hope these tips encourage you to seek out friendships within your industry on Instagram and beyond.





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