What We’re Adding to Cart: Female Black Owned Brands

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We have abandoned all work this week to focus on shifting our narrative here on the blog moving forward to feature female black owned brands. On Instagram, you’ll see we’ve created an ongoing Story Highlight with Black Owned Artists + Makers, which inspired a lot of shopping this week. Below, I’ve recapped everything that I have purchased this week in a much more deliberate decision to shop small, and support Black women.


I would like to acknowledge my failure to support Black owned businesses owners in the past. I took the easy, white privileged route of showcasing accounts that were “shown” to me through my strikingly white washed feed. I did not dig through hashtags, through Black design associations (like BAD Guild), or even read through archives of other content creators who had done the work previously to showcase more diversity. This lesson has profoundly impacted the way I will do business moving forward.


That said, there will be a minimum of “Black Feeds to Follow” posts here on The Identite Collective. I will have two, permanent round up posts of Black Interior Designers and Black Makers + Artists coming later this week. These will act as a resource for those looking to educate themselves and diversify their feed. However, my goal moving forward is to highlight the talent, artisanship and business knowledge of Black female owned brands throughout our content on a daily basis. I believe as a design community, we have been blatantly segregated by showcasing “Black Designers to Follow” and leaving them out of every other inspiration roundup. It should not have taken me four solid days of researching to see Black designers in my feed. There needs to be a crossover, and it starts on my white privileged platform.


More to come, but for now, happy shopping.

Nomadic Citizen


Black Owned Shops



I was lucky enough to snag the Oval Market Basket & it looks like there are still a few more. These woven baskets are works of art in themselves, but I love the versatility. I throw the leather handles over my arm grocery shopping, tote messes in and out of my car with them, and keep one by the front door to collecting incoming/outgoing mail.

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Clare Paint


Black Owned Shops


We used Clare Paint in our kitchen remodel on both the cabinets and shiplap. This week has made me realize they are the ONLY paint I’ll buy again, knowing its founder is a Black woman. In addition to being a Black female owned business, it’s also eco-friendly and surprisingly durable. I’m thinking this color for the master bath and this one for the guest bath.


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I had actually found these beautiful hand made shoes on Etsy first, then stalked them on Instagram, then realized they have their own website as well. The olive colored leather is my favorite, and the strapiness and square toe with slight lift seem so flattering. The Amaya Mule look like the perfect heel height in the slide on boot shape I live in.


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Independent Youth



Run, don’t walk to Ariana’s shop because I may or may not have just snagged the last one of these necklaces in stock. I know she’s working on a restock in the next few weeks, so make sure you’re following. This entirely hand crafted brass pendant necklace is the perfect summer accessory and I just can’t imagine what outfit it WON’T go with.


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Bolé Road Textiles



Hana just closed her storefront for the foreseeable future, but her gorgeous collection of Ethiopian textiles is fully available online. I just purchased the Arben Napkins in black, but I’ve got my eye on these gold ones as well. Don’t miss the stunning pillows and throws, either.


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Enkee Ceramics



Full disclosure: I have not purchased anything from Denise yet because she is currently out of stock, but you better believe I’m on that email list to be the first to know when she does. Equally exciting, we’re helping Denise get her next collection online with a new website!


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