Guest Bath Reveal: Modern English Cottage Bathroom

It’s reveal day! In what was officially the quickest bathroom renovation ever (start to finish just 10 days), we are so excited to share our bathroom reveal. Our home has 2.5 baths, and this bathroom serves as the guest bath, and in the future, maybe a guest/kids bathroom. It’s fairly small, but very standard, and the footprint was efficient. You can read all about our guest bathroom design plans here if you need to catch up.


This project was completed in collaboration with Alexander James. Alexander James is a boutique tile company with direct to consumer pricing for designers, enthusiasts and consumers alike. Because they cut out the “middle man”, their prices are universally better then even big box discount stores. Their huge selection includes designer tiles like the coveted Cloe (which we used), marble and even cement options. Most importantly, they have an incredible affiliate program that anyone can apply for, with huge commissions and even deeper discounts.


Remember to use code IDCO15 for an extra 15% off your order!


Bright and airy English cottage style bathroom with modern lighting




I wanted this room to be timeless, and flexible. It was all about bringing that same modern English country vibe of our kitchen, upstairs. To do that, I really focused on timeless materials and colors in more modern ways. All of the lighting is mid-century inspired, which is a nice contrast to the super traditional polished nickel plumbing fixtures. The tile I selected was classic in the shape and color, but made more modern in the way we laid it.


It’s no secret that I typically shy away from color, but this bathroom felt like the perfect place to focus it. I didn’t just want colored walls, so we repeated the shiplap paneling of the kitchen, but hung it to 5 feet tall and added a shaker style trim. On the wall behind the mirror, we needed to run the paneling all the way up so the mirror had a flat surface to mount on. I was *super* nervous to run the color all the way up on the wall, but it’s actually incredibly flattering. The blue green tones reflect back on your skin and there still is enough natural light to bounce around the space.






Now on to the only part anyone cares about – product sources! I want to preface this with saying this bathroom was a serious high/low combination. I paired Rejuvation shower plumbing in polished nickel with a Kingston Brass faucet, which blended together beautifully. The paneling itself is a substantial expense, so we saved by reusing our toilet and just replacing the seat and lever.


The vanity was a money saver, as well. It’s a standard stock vanity from Home Depot, but I added a polished nickel towel bar to the front to resemble a 4x as costly version from that-other-store with no Instagram. I love not having a towel bar on the wall, and think that polished nickel feels like jewelry against the warm wood tone.


Shower Tile (use code IDCO15 for 15% off)

Floor Tile (use code IDCO15 for 15% off)




Mirror (ours is the 36 inch)

Sink Faucet

Shower + Tub Faucet

Tub Drain

Shower Head

Flush Lever

Door Knobs


Flush Mount

Towel Bar

Toilet Paper Bar

Ceiling Light/Fan Combo
(we installed ours right above the shower head so it isn’t visible behind the curtain)

Vintage Artwork (similar linked)

Shaker Pegs

Linen Shower Curtain

Extra Tall Shower Curtain Liner





The shower grout color is Bright White. The floor tile is grouted in True Black. I love the tone on tone look of both of them. We hid the curtain track as best we could, and it still needs to be finished off with a bit of slim trim to hide the sheetrock cuts. If we could have done anything differently, I wish we could have popped a hidden compartment in the paneling by the vanity, but our HVAC runs right up the awkward corner. There is a shallow but very tall closet directly outside of the bathroom where we’ll store extra soaps and towels for guests. I think when we have kids, shallow baskets tucked on the shelves will be perfect access for bathroom necessities. In fact, the organizer in me loves that it prevents clutter from building up.

Honestly, Quinn and I are totally pinching ourselves. Major progress is happening this week in our bedroom and bathroom, but it’s such a joy to have this bathroom completed. It feels so special, warm and inviting. The Casey house is definitely transforming to the modern English Cottage that I’ve always envisioned it could be. In case you want to catch up with other progress around the house, you can see our kitchen reveal here, our pantry makeover, and the upstairs family room here.


Biggest thanks to Alexander James for your continued partnership, love for tile, and constant expertise. Photography by Madeline Harper.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s so pretty! It’s also amazing how much lovelier that vanity is when pulled out of the context of the matching set on the HD website 🙃

    • acasey says:

      Isn’t that so fascinating?! Also – the marble top is so much prettier than it looks online. At first I was hesitant about the color of the wood (it feels much more red than if I was to have designed it myself), but honestly against the blue/green walls, I like the contrast!

  2. Patti says:

    Really lovely. Officially, no longer a “ builder basic” house , now a truly custom home. Beautiful pics Madeline!

  3. Patti says:

    Really brilliant idea to recess the shower curtain track. That opens the space up so much. The soft blue/ greenish paint color gives the room a fresh, spa like feel.

    • acasey says:

      Thanks mama! I can’t wait for you to see it in real life. It’s pretty shocking before and after to someone who has used the space many times!

  4. Monica says:

    Wow! It turned out great! So many pretty features that blend flawlessly. You should be so happy because I’m happy for you just looking at photos–lol

    • acasey says:

      Thank you Monica! That’s so sweet of you – I am BEYOND excited. It’s so lovely in person and can’t wait to start using it. ✨

  5. CSW says:

    The more I study this, the more I love it. Something I always notice about you is your attention to detail. You didn’t fill your bathroom with a bunch of fluff and accessories… you picked the perfect version of each item, and collectively they look wonderful together. I too am buying a Rejuvenation mirror that will probably cost more than the marble vanity in my kids’ bath remodel, but you CAN’T BEAT their quality (am I right?!). I had never heard of the maker of your sconces, so that was fun to find a new source.

    • acasey says:

      Hi Callie! Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave a note 💕 I love that you enjoyed the styling – this was a fun one because I didn’t buy a single new thing for the bathroom as far as “accessories” go. Glad you discovered the sconce maker – his pieces are beautiful and so affordable!

  6. Sowmya says:

    Love the reveal! Would you be able to share details of the ceiling mounted shower curtain track and hooks you used please? I think its a very clever idea – especially when mixing metals, since brass shower curtain (tension) rods are hard to match finishes with the other fixtures in the bathroom.


  7. Diana says:

    I love this bathroom, especially the tile in the shower. What did you use for the window/shelf are as a bullnose?or L shape? Id like to do something similar, with a shower niche’. Beautiful job!

  8. Sierra says:

    This is absolutely stunning! What is the paint color!?

  9. Ashley Dod says:

    What is the white paint color?

  10. Priscilla says:

    Hi this is so beautiful and I ordered the same floor tile. It’s currently being installed now. I’m hoping you can help, what company makes the ‘True Black’ grout color I cannot find that anywhere? Can you please tell me the name of the company and shade of grout you used? The tile guys are waiting on me for this haha. Thanks so much!

  11. Sierra Roberts says:

    What sheen is the paint? Satin? Semi gloss?

  12. Priscilla says:

    Hi I’m hoping you can tell me the brand of grout you used? I ordered the exact tile but can’t find really black grout anywhere 🙁 please help !

  13. Melissa Coleman says:

    Hello! Can you please share details about the trim you used at both the ceiling and for the peg rail? This is just gorgeous and I’m doing something similar in my girls’ bath (just adding wallpaper above the planking/rail). Thanks for the constant inspiration! 🙂

  14. Shannon says:

    What is the name of the rug, size of the rug and where is the rug from in the guest bathroom?

    Love this bathroom!!! Thank you! SH

  15. Ashley says:

    I have a question about your door! I LOVE that you painted it to match the trim, but did you also paint the sides or the door or the back? Or is it a white door from the hall? I have a similar bathroom layout, and now you’re making me want to paint the door, but I don’t want to be able to see it from the Hall.

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  17. Stacy says:

    Beautiful! What is the color of the white paint used?

  18. nicole says:

    Wow! I love what you did with this bathroom. Its gorg! I am thinking of ordering the same vanity….how has it held up? Would love to know! Thank you!

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  20. Christina says:

    The bathroom had a timeless design yet it was modernized. The soft palette of colors made the bathroom relaxing and peaceful! The little details of the painting and trim work brought it all together with the single wood vanity. Beautiful job!

  21. Sarah says:

    I love this bathroom so much! Would you mind sharing what type of paint product/sheen you used for the T&G? Thank you in advance!! Love your work!

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