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Guest Prep with Serena & Lily

If you’ve been following along with the kitchen renovation, you probably know we’ve had house guests staying with us for months at a time. Somehow the stars aligned and my parents are renovating a home in Austin, we convinced Quinn’s brother to move to Austin and all of them have been calling our place home as they get settled. Prepping for house guests has a full time job and having the basics in place year round makes it so much easier. We’ve partnered with Serena & Lily to update our guest bedroom and bath to ensure everyone can enjoy their home away from home while staying with us. Today, I’m sharing my top 6 tips for making sure you’re guest ready year round.


6 Tips for Effortless Guest Prep



Invest in 1 Pair of Quality Linens


The truth is, your guest room only needs a single set of bedding. We’ve decided to invest in the highest quality bedding – always opting for linen. When a guest is gone, we simply wash the sheets and put them right back on the bed. It minimizes how much you have to store, frees up your linen closet, and means you can spend more on a quality set than having stretch your budget for multiple, mediocre sets.



Provide Different Weight Blankets


We always sleep in a down comforter, so we always have a linen duvet piled loosely at the foot of the bed. For guest prep, we like to offer options. In addition to the base layer of a linen sheet set, we add a cotton quilt or waffle knit on the bed to add texture, weight and color to the bed. I’ll always keep an additional throw blanket draped over the chair for easy access. The key to being a great hostess is to ensure your guests never have to ask for anything. By investing in fewer, quality things, you can have one of each necessity in your guest room that make your guests feel truly at home.



Install Hooks for Hanging for Guests


The first thing guests want to do when they arrive is to settle in. Nothing makes that easier than conveniently placed hooks inside their room. Perfect for jackets, purses, hats, or shopping bags, I have three hung right by the door. Strategically placed hooks are also perfect for guests to hang their bath towels to dry. They can ensure they’re always using their own towel and it keeps shared bathrooms clean and tidy.




Add a Mirror

This has been the biggest game changer for us. Installing a full length mirror for guests seems so simple, but it was something I had overlooked for many years. We fell in love with this one from Serena & Lily, but they have dozens of options that can accommodate virtually any style.



Provide Bath Linens in The Guest Room, Not the Bathroom


Just like sheets, we have a dedicated set of towels for our guest rooms. This keeps them looking bright and fresh and also makes putting them away easier. Because we have two guest bedrooms who share a bathroom, I make it a point to provide a tray of bath essentials in each guest room. This way, guest know their towels are fresh and obviously reserved for them. In a busy bathroom or shared space, it can be hard to keep track of whose is whose. This is the perfect remedy for shared spaces while making guests feel extra luxe. Pro Tip: Invest in bath sheets, not just bath towels. Bath sheets are extra special, extra spacious and provide a little extra luxury.



Opt for Live Plants, Not Fresh Flowers


I’ve struggled with severe allergies my whole life. While I love the sweet sentiment of fresh flowers in my room for guest prep, it actually can make me really sick. Instead of placing a vessel of fresh cut flowers, opt for a vase of fresh cut branches or a houseplant near their bed. If they aren’t flowering, they’ll be much less likely to cause discomfort, while still welcoming house guests with a bit of fresh sentiment.


This post was created in collaboration with Serena & Lily to celebrate The Sleep Well event. All opinions, selections and photos are my own.




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