How to Increase Revenue With SideDoor

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the latest tools and programs for interior designers, you’ve probably heard mentions of SideDoor. While this program is relatively new on the scene, it’s already making big waves by helping designers more strategically monetize with trade-only brands. Unlike other affiliate programs, SideDoor allows designers to earn a significant commission, whether they’re sharing products on social media or selling directly to their clients. Plus, SideDoor handles everything—from the order to shipment to the final destination, covering all the backend logistics along the way.

To call SideDoor a game-changer is probably an understatement. Today, we’re going to share why we’re convinced it’s the next big thing.


A Quick Guide to SideDoor for Interior Designers


How it Works


SideDoor has essentially streamlined the wholesale industry with an all-in-one platform. Once accepted into the program, interior designers can access a wide selection of top trade brands they can search directly on SideDoor. From there, designers can (1) source products for their projects and sell directly to their clients and (2) curate product collections to share on social media or embed within their website. Designers earn an average commission of 30% with each order, as opposed to a 3% commission rate that’s common with most affiliate programs.

In a nutshell, SideDoor takes the stress out of sourcing, helps provide a passive income, and allows designers to monetize their social media more effectively. It’s a win all-around.


Kitchen with blonde wood and white cabinetry and vintage rug, design by Kate Marker Interiors

Interior Design: Kate Marker Interiors | Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors




Why it Benefits Your Business:



  • Higher commission rates (30% average commission)


  • Streamlined ordering process


  • No minimums to meet


  • Shipping + handling logistics are covered


  • Shareable on social media (or embedded on your website)


Earlier this year, we interviewed Peggy Haddad here on the blog. She shared why she loves SideDoor as an interior designer and the impact it’s made on her business. 

“Through their tool, my clients can purchase all of the trade-only products for their space, directly from me, in one transaction. It has been a game changer for my e-design business in terms of revenue and efficiency, but is also great for full-service designers. Instead of maintaining all the trade accounts and placing several orders for a project, you can place one order for everything. SideDoor handles the logistics to your client’s doorstep or to your receiving warehouse. On top of that, each collection in SideDoor has a unique link that you can share on social media or embed on your website so followers and subscribers can purchase directly from you as well. Genius!”

Peggy Haddad


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What Are the Requirements?


It’s important to note that SideDoor is only open to professional members of the design trade. To use the platform, you’ll need an active resale certificate on file or will need to provide proof of your trade standing. 


Built in work from home station, design by Kennedy Cole

Design: Kennedy Cole Interior Design | Photography: Chad Mellon


How to Get Started


If you’re ready to dive into SideDoor, you’ll begin by verifying your information. For additional questions, you can visit their FAQ page or reach out to their support staff: info@onsidedoor.com. Upon signing up, you’ll receive quick video tutorials to help you navigate the platform and get started selling.


Powder room with vintage checkerboard floors and exposed pipes, design by Ausland Interiors

Interior Design: Ausland Interiors


Do you have experience with SideDoor? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this new platform that’s poised to sweep the industry.



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