Guidelines for Sharing Your Work to Pinterest

Pinterest is such an incredible and underrated tool for interior designers. It offers all the portfolio sharing power of Instagram with so much more potential for website traffic since the images click through to your website (or, they should). Here are our best recommendations for what, how, + when to Pin. 



Pinterest Guidelines



What: Your Pinterest account should operate on a 70/30 split, with 70% of your Pins being relevant rePins and the remaining 30% your own work. Be as selective as possible with your rePins. They should be high-quality and should complement your own style. You want viewers to click through to your profile, so give them a good idea of what to expect. As far as rePinning your own work, try to aim for once monthly.


As far as original content goes, professional portfolio images are a given. You can also supplement those with mood boards and product roundups. If you have an active blog (you should + here’s why), Pinterest is a great place to share them. 


And, don’t forget to add alt tags to the images on your site so that others can rePin your work, too. Here’s a step-by-step guide



Guidelines for Sharing Your Work to Pinterest | blonde wood marble kitchen | The Identite Collective

Design: Kate Marker Interiors | Photography: Stoffer Photography Interiors


How: The most important thing here is that the Pins come directly from your website, not from uploading directly to Pinterest. In other words, don’t just upload one of your images from your phone or computer. You need to add a corresponding link that takes them to your site. Views are great, but views with web traffic are even better. 


Try to Pin mostly vertical images. These images are given more screen space on the feed, and therefore, perform better. 


Another often overlooked aspect is the caption. Utilize that little space by including searchable terms. For example, you can get specific about room, style, and even paint colors or furniture pieces. Think of what might be searched for and help your photos be found. 


Check out this blog post for more tips for upping your Pinterest game. 



Guidelines for Sharing Your Work to Pinterest | green tile marble slab sink bathroom | The Identite Collective

Design: Logan Killen Interiors | Photography: Jacqueline Marque


When: In short, as often as possible. Pinning your images should be an item on your to-do list after every photoshoot (more things you should be doing here). When you don’t have new images, it’s time to recycle older ones and add in some other appropriate content. We recommend using a scheduling tool like Tailwind and planning out your Pins as much as a month in advance (another great idea for batch work). 


Pinterest can be not only a source of inspiration but of leads — especially for interior designers. Like other forms of social media, it takes intentionality, organization, and consistency to make an impact. Continue to curate quality content and share beautiful images of your own, and watch how your numbers will translate to website views, inquiries, and followers on other platforms. 



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