Natural and neutral modern holiday home decor

Holiday Home Tour 2020

Yesterday, I had the immense honor of revealing the first look of our Holiday Home Tour over on Rue Magazine! Alongside my favorite images from the shoot, I listed my 7 tips to holiday decor. I tried to focus on ideas that felt appropriate to this pandemic year: sustainability, simplicity, ease of storage, and efficiency. Below, I’m walking you through our entire holiday home tour for 2020.


Having just finished our full renovation late this summer (take the tour here), I was SO excited to decorate for the holidays this year. Our new front door and entryway were all I could think about! Simple, neutral and natural were the goal and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I stuck with one color palette throughout the home after finding these beautiful velvet ribbons.


All the gorgeous greenery came from Lulu & Georgia this year. Because I was going natural on all our wreaths and garland, I immediately soaked them in a bathtub overnight. This gives your live greens one good final drink after their travels and prepares them for an extra week or two on your walls. Once the greenery has been hung, I mist them with a squirt of water once or twice a week. We’ve had a particularly warm fall season so far here in Austin, so I’ve been spraying water on my greens every other day.


You can also check out last year’s holiday home tour here and even look back to our first holiday in this home here.







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