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As we reflect on this past year, the one word that comes to mind is grateful. Admittedly, it’s a strange choice given the circumstances of 2020, but despite the challenges and uncertainty this year has brought, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for the love and support you have shown The Identitie Collective + IDCO Studio from day one.

On that note, we want to take a minute to express that gratitude to each of you while also sharing a few holiday traditions we think you might love. We asked our team members and our friends on Instagram to share their favorite holiday traditions (plus how they’re adapting them for 2020), and this might be our favorite round-up to date. From all of us at IDCO, may you have a safe and happy holiday season filled with meaningful traditions, new and old.


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Holiday Traditions from the IDCO Team


“We’re starting a new holiday traditions this year! I’m making homemade clam chowder in homemade sourdough bowls on Christmas Eve. Quinn’s family usually has crab on Christmas Eve before mass, but he doesn’t love crab. This reminds us of home in San Francisco, still feels true to his tradition, and also feels special as something just for us.”



“With the kids, my favorite tradition is advent candles, calendars, and readings. We also do lots of decorating together (Ellis just finished our cranberry garland!) and tons of baking. Our advent calendar is full of prompts to serve other people. We will be putting out treats for mailmen, caroling for neighbors, etc. Before COVID, my family and some friends would spend a day making homemade candy and then take it to elderly people who couldn’t leave home and sing for them. AND I can’t forget my annual baking day with Lexi when I make her favorite jam cookies!”



“This year is going to look a bit different, so we’re starting a few new holiday traditions. One that I’m most excited about is our family’s plan to grab some cocoa and do a drive-thru lights show with our kids on Christmas Eve.”



“The night before Christmas while I’m sleeping my mom hides a bunch of tiny gifts and treasures in the Christmas tree. I spend Christmas morning not only opening the gifts under the tree but on the tree itself.”



“Our COVID-friendly family tradition involves comfort food, of course! Every year I make challah bread french toast casserole the night before Christmas. The morning of, I pop it in the oven as we’re opening presents, and it is ready to serve as we wrap things up. Plus, it makes the whole house smell like butter and cinnamon. It’s heavenly.”



“I love baking sweets and delivering to friends + family during the holidays. This year will be different, and I’ll be leaving them on doorsteps!”



“My book club does a white elephant/dirty Santa book swap every December, and it is always our most well-attended meeting! We couldn’t meet in person this year, so we did a Secret Santa swap instead with the reveals over Zoom. It was still a great night talking about books with thoughtful, intelligent women.”



Holiday Traditions from the IDCO Online Community


“We do tamales on Christmas Eve to celebrate my husband’s Mexican heritage and then take a drive to look at all the pretty holiday lights around town.”



“My best friend and I have stopped giving big gifts in favor of exchanging a single ornament each year that somehow captures the significance of the year for the other person. It means each year we put up our ornaments, we get to reflect on our lives’ journeys thus far.”



“I grew up in a Jewish and Catholic home, and for Hanukkah the first night was always celebrated with my grandparents, and our gift would be from them. We played dreidel and ate my mom’s brisket. Now we always have the kids open gifts from my parents the first night, even if we aren’t together, and I try to make her brisket if I can. It makes me feel close to my grandparents who are no longer here.”



“Christmas Eve PJs, crab and champagne dinner, a box of See’s Candies, and It’s a Wonderful Life!”




“My sisters and I always slept in the living room around the tree on Christmas Eve when we were growing up (and well into adulthood – my husband actually joined the fam slumber party the first couple years…until we got too old to sleep on the floor!) Now with our own kiddos, we have a Christmas Eve ‘fancy cheese’ dinner with a great charcuterie spread and watch a Christmas movie in matching jammies.”



“Hej, I’m Swedish so we always take the 24th off and celebrate Christmas (25th is just a eat leftovers and chill kinda day). One tradition I’ve taken with me from my childhood is that everyone gets one gift in the morning, usually sitting on your chair by the Christmas breakfast table. This should be a themed gift of something you can do during the day; a book, some Lego, crafts etc. And then we wait until after dinner to open the gifts under the tree! As a kid, this made the day even more magical, the wait and the magic of all the twinkly lights in the dark when Santa finally came to knock on our door! In Sweden, a relative always dresses up and plays Santa.”



“Every country we live in we seem to pick up new holiday traditions. We have St Nikolaus since moving to northern Germany. He comes on the night of the 5th. You leave your shoe out and it gets filled with chocolates and usually a chocolate letter for the first initial of your name (I think that is a uniquely Dutch thing). Everyone does it a bit differently. We do it this way because Santa also comes on the night of the 24th so he brings the toys!”



“We like to incorporate some of my husband’s Mexican holiday traditions, like eating tamales on Christmas Day and New Year’s traditions like Twelve Grapes and eating buñuelos.”





“We have a Christmas Day open house (pre-pandemic). After my husband passed away, the kids and I decided that we needed a new Christmas tradition. We set up pastries/snacks, a hot cocoa station and mimosa bar, and invited friends and family to drop by on their way to or from family gatherings. We love having neighbors, friends and family stop by for some cheer. The first year we didn’t know if anyone would show up, but now we plan on the 60+ people that stop in to say hello.”



“As a kid, beginning the evening of December 1st, my parents would get us snuggled beneath the Christmas tree, and my dad would read a dozen or so pages from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to get us in the spirit of Christmas and remind us of our blessings. Now, as a mother of two girls, my girls snuggle beneath our tree and I read the same story to them.”



“My favorite evening is Winter Solstice. We light candles, start a fire and dim the lights. We sit by the fire drinking cocktails on the darkest night of the year. My other favorite holiday tradition pre-Covid is an ornament exchange with my lady friends. We all bring fancy appetizers to share. It’s a bit unorthodox in that we bring the “ugliest” ornament we can find. And I mean ugly! There are some ornaments that should not exist. The laughter is non-stop!”



“My favorite is Christmas Day brunch buffet. We drink mimosas, and Irish coffee and have a spread of french toast, bacon, salmon crackers, and banana bread, to name a few. This gives everyone a chance to eat and drink something before, after, and while we open presents. We have more snacks, treats, and drinks throughout the day until the Christmas dinner is ready around 5pm. Dinner is more formal with a standing rib roast. We play Monopoly into the night.”



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