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I’ve had my own interior design business for eight years and I think one of the best things about being an entrepreneur is the ability to work from home. Over the years I’ve seen too many makeshift home offices when this is an prime opportunity to set yourself up for success. Taking the time to properly establish a home office will pay dividends in your productivity and enjoyment. Below are five easy to follow steps to create a functional and beautiful home office. My take on home office decor for entrepreneurs will teach you to create the most functional and inspiring space possible. You’re going to be doing the work regardless so why not create a space that you love?




White floating shelves for home office decor for entrepreneurs - office tour by The Identité Collective

shelves (two side by side), chair, desk, monitor, clock

  1. Choose a Dedicated Office Space

Select a location or room in your home where you can consistently work with minimal distractions. The visual cue of sitting in the same space daily is a great way to establish a working routine. This also ensures that any necessary tools or supplies are easily accessible. If you are short on space, look for underutilized areas in your home such as under the stairs, a kitchen nook, or even a spare closet. Selecting a dedicated home office space also sets up a physical boundary around working hours so that when you’re on you’re on and when you’re off you’re off.


A bright and airy home tour featuring home office decor for entrepreneurs

credenza (sold out, similar), pin board (this is the large), pot, driftwood, candle, black catchall, bowl


  1. Consider Aesthetics and Overall Feel

This space is for you and you alone! Ask yourself “How do I want my home office to look and feel?” Start a mood board and get dreaming. I know it can be hard to justify spending on this space when no one will ever see it, yet I believe it is such a worthwhile investment. When you feel good in your working environment it will help you show up as the best version of yourself for your clients which is the ultimate investment in your business.


minimal white home office decor for entrepreneurs



  1. Determine Storage and Work Surface Needs

A little bit of home office organization goes a long way in making your days more efficient. First decide if you are a “piler” or a “filer.” People tend to fall into two categories – those who pile their items and those who file their items. If you pile, make sure you have lots of desk and shelf space.




If you file, take note of the type and quantity of items that need to be stored. Resist the urge to make purchases before accessing your day-to-day needs. That way your storage solutions will be tailored to you specifically. If space permits, purchase enough storage to allow for the inevitable accumulation of more “stuff” between spring cleanings. If you need help pairing down your belongings, check out my three part series of Why We Have Too Much Stuff where I share actionable tips for clearing out the clutter.





  1. Invest in Comfort and Control

Despite my understanding of ergonomics it took me years to upgrade to a desk chair that I could comfortably sit in for hours. Let me save you the aches and suggest that you invest in an office chair that supports an upright posture and comfortable hand alignment for computer work. You’ll also want to make sure you have some ability to control the light in your home office to avoid eye strain. This can be as simple as supplemental task lighting or window drapery to minimize glare.




A bright and airy home tour featuring home office decor for entrepreneurs


  1. Inspire Yourself in Your Home Office Decor for Entrepreneurs

Now is the time to add your personal touches such as framed photos, art, or collected objects that bring you joy. Try incorporating a tac board or cork board into your home office decor to showcase your most recent inspiration whether it be magazine clippings, material swatches, or a thank you note from a favorite client. Recently I’ve placed a note to myself on my inspiration board that says “Nothing is a problem until you make it a problem” which keeps me in a solution-based mindset, as is so often needed.




Taking the time to create a home office that works for you will be worth it in the long run. A well-designed home office should allow you to focus on the work that is meaningful to you and to your clients. It should also be a place where you want to spend time. When you create a home office that supports your daily functions, and is aesthetically pleasing to you, it will truly enhance the work you’ve set out to do in the world.




Home office decor for entrepreneurs. Click through for product sources and design tips for home office decor for entrepreneurs!


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Guest article on Home Office Decor for Entrepreneurs by Desi Creswell. Office + design by The Identité Collective. Photography by Madeline Harper Photography.  Want to see more? Check out our Home Tour here or our Studio Tour here.




Desi Creswell is an award-wining interior designer and writer with a passion for helping others bring beauty, ease, and intention to the everyday. By sharing her tips and insight, Desi hopes to inspire readers to integrate their unique needs and personal aesthetic into environments that support a whole living lifestyle. Download your FREE DIY Design Guide to Jump Start Your Next Project here.


Thank you so much, Desi! Loved your applicable tips for turning your home office into a place you truly love. Make sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook + Pinterest.




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  2. Working from home is a viable option for many people. It is very easy to create a stylish and comfortable home work space. Thank you for sharing these ideas!







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