Home Tour Update: Our Moody Living Room Upstairs

The upstairs living room has always been a pain point for me. At our house, we have a totally open floor plan downstairs. Upstairs, we have a very large bonus room we use as a second living space. It has a half wall open to downstairs and acts as a thoroughfare to the rest of the house. It’s never felt cozy to me and didn’t have any clear boundaries. For refernce, catch the old look here. Here is how I updated our moody living room upstairs to make it work:


Moody living room design by The Identite Collective with blue couch and wood accents


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What We Changed in My Moody Living Room


First, I brought up this vintage rug from The Southern Loom which totally transformed the space. It gave the room clear definition and anchored the living area. Because you cut through this room to get to the laundry room, and use it as a hallway to the master bedroom and office, using a large area rug with color was a game changer. Previously, I had my go to bleached jute rug in the space, but it felt super bland. By layering the colorful vintage piece on top, it gave it the pop it needed.


Next, I upgraded the console table behind the sofa to something larger. This reclaimed wood piece is SO GORGEOUS in person. It’s length was much more appropriate for the space and it’s about 5 inches deeper than the previous piece we had there. That scooted the sofa closer to the opposite wall which made for a much cozier room! Because I know you guys are going to ask – yes! This is the sofa from Macy’s from our old house (you can see that tour here – ohhh how things have changed!) and it still looks brand new. Honestly, this is my favorite sofa we’ve ever had. It looks so clean and crisp. It vacuums perfectly and the color is just a dream. PS – it almost always goes on sale, so click here to check the price!


Previously, I had two gorgeous line drawing prints above the sofa. The large white paper seemed to disappear on the wall, so I wanted to switch it up. I used this arch mirror that I sourced for our upcoming master bathroom remodel off centered. Since that project is on hold until Covid-19 has passed, I wanted to enjoy it! The mirror is super heavy, a great size, and is currently 20% off. Intentionally hung off center, I paired it with this oversized lamp.



Finally, we took advantage of all the Covid-19 sales and purchased our 2nd Frame TV at nearly 50% off last week. It arrived and made SUCH A DIFFERENCE to the space. Quinn installed it for me and ran the wire and box through the wall into his closet. He even worked it out so he can still play Xbox up there without having ANY ugly equipment showing! I know it’s a splurge right now, but we had been putting aside money for it for a while. I’m grateful to have gotten it at the huge discount! To everyone wondering – it is 100% worth it. The picture quality is great, the flush mount frame is so pretty, and it’s such a luxury to just have beautiful artwork hanging.


The final details I changed in here had to to with color and scale. I moved our rubber tree upstairs which opened a lot of space in the living room. I have him in this plant stand that makes him stand taller. His beautiful saturated color adds just what we needed in the corner. I swapped our too-small marble coffee table (it’s now in my office) for this modern round coffee table and couldn’t love it more. It helps with traffic flow and warms the space up. Lastly, I stopped convincing myself that my pillows had to be blue. I went for warmer tones and mixed in browns which balanced out the sofa so much more pleasingly.


So what do you guys think? I’m kinda obsessed + Quinn seems to be, too! It finally feels like this upstairs space blends with the first floor which we love so much. Coming next week – our master bedroom. update!




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  1. Cate says:

    Hi! What size Frame TV did you buy? I’m trying to decide which size to get for my room. Thanks 🙂







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