How to Implement Affiliate Links on Your IDCO Template

If you aren’t familiar with earning income via affiliate links, it’s simple. When you tag products in your images, a custom link is created that takes followers from your site to the product page. When customers use that link to make purchases, you get a commission of approximately 5-15% depending on the company. Even if you aren’t using a platform to earn money on linked items (yet), having them on your site establishes your expertise and provides a resource for your followers that keeps them coming back.

With that in mind, we made product links a priority in both the Carmen and Erin templates. Today, we are sharing a couple of ways you can set up those affiliate links on your new website.

Follow these simple instructions to create a gallery of linked products. This will work with or without RewardStyle or any other platform if you haven’t created an account. (If you aren’t familiar with RS, find more on that here.) If you are a RewardStyle member, keep scrolling for a step-by-step for creating and incorporating your links.

Updating + Adding to Your Product List



  • Click on the grid of placeholder products within your site called the Pro Gallery
  • Select Manage Media
  • Click Select All in the top toolbar above the images
  • Select Delete to delete all existing products (these are just there to show you how it will look!)
  • Click Add Media in the top right to upload your own images
  • Add a link to the product under Add a Link on the right
  • You can also add a Title or Description, but it’s not necessary here
  • Click Done in the lower right to save + exit


To edit each shop page category, navigate to the relevant page via the left-hand side menu.


NOTE: This is not an e-commerce shop to list your own inventory. It is a curated list of your favorite product links. Site visitors will not be able to purchase items from you on your site. We will be launching an e-commerce template this summer. If you’d like to add an e-commerce option to your template yourself, follow the Wix instructions here.


If you are a Reward Style member but aren’t quite sure yet how to implement your RS links on your new site, follow these steps:



Creating and Using Affiliate Links Through RewardStyle



The links themselves are key, obviously, and RewardStyle offers a few options for creating them.


  • You can save it to your RS file, and from there, they have a few layouts you can create yourself like the ones on the Carmen + Erin templates.
  • Alternatively, you can create a widget or “shop this post” with a simple, scrollable column with up to 14 products.
  • Lastly, you can create a text link that you can send directly in an email or drop into a blog post as a hyperlink.


To use your RewardStyle links in the affiliate shop feature on the IDCO templates, just paste the text link that was generated when you “add a link” in the steps above.


I also recommend incorporating the Link Ninja app for creating links efficiently. It can be difficult to search the RewardStyle site for products, but with this app, you can go onto a partner site and click the product and have Link Ninja do the work. If you do find products you like on the RS site, all you have to do is click the heart on the listing to save it to your file. You can even create albums categorized by project, style, budget, or room!

Copying a link is easy, too. I know that as interior designers, you are constantly asked for sources. Through Link Ninja, you just click “Get Link” and it’s automatically added to your clipboard. Should you use it, you can find the link by going to your RewardStyle page and find all your saves listed chronologically, which I find to be so convenient. This makes it super easy to send a link that gives you commission instead of the original URL, which sadly will not.

Our templates are built to serve you and your interior design business, and we hope that you will utilize the affiliate shop feature to supplement your income or to position yourself as a resource for design enthusiasts. And, don’t forget that you can get hands-on help with embedding this feature during your three weeks of tech support with an IDCO team member.



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