How to Make a Hashtag Happen

It’s 2019 and hashtags are everywhere. We live in an Instagram world, and as a result, we see these little phrases sprinkled into marketing strategy for most every kind of business. A well-branded hashtag can be a really effective way to drive new traffic to your business page and create a community around your social media account. Additionally, when your audience follows your hashtag, they will be more likely to see and engage with your posts outside of any algorithm interference.

At IDCO, we find that many of our clients are intimidated when it comes to using hashtags correctly or at all. It does require a certain amount of strategy, from crafting your own brand’s personal phrases to choosing how and when to incorporate it and get others to join in.

When we launched our home inspiration hashtag, #IDCOatHome, we were able to do some very relevant research for our interior designer clients. The hashtag has now been used more than 6,000 times, and is chock full of beautiful interiors that we love to scroll through. Today, we are sharing how we did it. Here are our best tried-and-true tips for how to make a hashtag happen:


How to make a hashtag happen. Top posts from the #IDCOatHome feed.

Word it well


A brand hashtag should include your business name in some capacity or a phrase that is easily traced back to you. It’s difficult to cultivate brand awareness if the feed’s followers aren’t sure where the hashtag originated. Keep it simple and easy-to-read, relevant, and relatively short.


Add it to your hashtag to your bio


A few months ago, Instagram added the ability to link hashtags in your page bio. Put your branded hashtag front-and-center so new followers don’t have to dig through your posts to find it.

List it in your caption


When you post a photo, you likely have two separate captions: one with copy and one with a list of hashtags. If you’re trying to increase traffic to your personal hashtag, work it into your caption copy instead of burying it with the bulk. With typical use, hashtags in posts serve two different purposes depending on their location. Hashtags in copy send the viewer to other relevant posts and hashtags in a list bring in viewers from elsewhere. If you’re looking for hashtags to add to your curated list, here’s a comprehensive list for interior designers.

Personally invite friends to use it


Reach out to your friends with similar trades and interests and ask them to use your hashtag. If you really want to make a hashtag happen, you can’t be the only one using it. There has to be a steady stream of interesting content.

Share hashtag feed content


Frequently share other accounts’ images in your own feed, giving credit to the original poster and photographer. Be sure that you emphasize in the caption that it is from the hashtag feed. It might seem counterintuitive to share another designer’s work, but forming a collective of quality accounts is the quickest way to make a hashtag successful.

Engage, engage, engage


If you want engagement within your hashtag feed, it starts with you. Do your best to check the feed often and leave comments on tagged photos. This fosters ongoing conversation and, ultimately, more traffic for you.

I hope these quick tips encourage you to launch your own brand hashtag to cultivate a community around your brand and work. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the #IDCOatHome feed for some major inspiration from some of our favorite designers, clients, and new friends.





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