How to Run a Creative Business

Did you know we have over 70 business-focused blog posts tucked away in our archives? That is a whole lot of reading filled with tangible takeaways, and strategies for running your small business that deserves to see the light of day.

As a full-service creative studio for interior designers and lifestyle brands, we know full well the importance of implementing strong business processes, beautiful branding, marketing, and a stellar social media strategy. We do it every day for our IDCO clients and love nothing more than to share some of the tricks and best practices we’ve learned along the way.

Below you will find a field guide to every single business post we’ve ever written. It’s broken down into like-minded buckets for easy perusing. So bookmark this post, pin it to your Boss folder and return to it time and again for information on crafting a successful brand.


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Business Processes


Hiring: Who to Hire First + How to Afford It – Interior Designers share what jobs they outsourced first.

Strategies for Managing a Team Successfully – How to delegate and effectively communicate your vision.

5 Steps to a Smoother Client Process – How to set reasonable expectations and gain more time for your craft.

A Designer’s Guide to Processes – The importance of establishing written processes in your business.

The Best Business Templates for Interior Designers – From proposals to mood boards, social graphics and beyond, this is a great list to bookmark.

The Best Software for Interior Designers – Simplify your business and streamline your processes for under $100.

What to Include in Your Interior Design Inquiry Form – What to include to book the highest quality clients.

The Best Website Platform for Small Businesses – Ten reasons Wix is the best website platform for small businesses.

Shrink Your Bounce Rate – How we dropped our bounce rate to less than 1%.

How to Properly Share a Dropbox – The most common mistake made when sharing a dropbox link and how to fix it easily.

The Best Apps for Small Businesses – Our top apps and software recommendations for small businesses.

The Best Process for File Organization – The exact formula we use to keep our files easily accessible

How to Properly Backup Your Computer – The simple steps that will save you from losing everything



Social Media Strategy


Instagram Etiquette – The golden rules for properly crediting and reposting content.

Why Instagram is the Platform Interior Designers Should Be Investing In– Focus your marketing and learn how to increase your engagement.

How to Hack the Instagram Algorithm – A week-long case study of hacking the algorithm.

How to Collaborate on Instagram– How to reach out and land collaborations on Instagram.

The Best Hashtags for Interior Designers – A curated list of hashtags to gain exposure and attract clients.

How to Make a Hashtag Happen – The exact strategy we used to get over 6k posts in our hashtag.

How to Optimize Your Portfolio for Pinterest– Simple video tutorials to show you how to add alt tags in Wix and Squarespace.

Increase Your Pinterest Following by 50% – How to increase your Pinterest following with results in 30 days.

Why Blogs are Key to Your Design Business – Four major benifits of creating blog content and why it beats Instagram.


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3 Steps to Update Your Website – The simple updates you should be making to your website every single year.

How to Craft the Perfect About Page – How to craft strong copy that will relate to your target audience and share your ultimate why.

The Printed Materials You Need as an Interior Designer – What marketing materials are still relevant in the digital world.

5 Types of Logos + Why You Need Them All – The difference between primary and secondary logos, alt marks and favicons.

How to Build an Intentional Interior Design Brand – How one designer rebranded and rebuilt their interior design firm.

How to Name Your Business – Five steps to naming your business and what to consider for a rebrand.

Perfecting Your Portfolio Photos – Four tips for the perfect interior design photoshoot.

How to Take Light and Bright Photos with Your Phone – How to get a professional looking photo from your iPhone or Android.

Branding Your Portfolio – Why your branding should speak for your portfolio of work.

The Best Time for Rebranding – Finding the most lucrative time to rebrand your business.

When to Launch Your Website – What to prepare for, what to look for and what not to wait for.

How to Prep for Your Brand Photoshoot – What to send your photographer, so you’re best prepared.





Print vs. Digital Publishing – Finding the right publishing fit for each of your design projects.

How to Get Your Design Work Published – Six tips for getting your work published from real life interior designers.

Why Your Interior Design Brand Needs a Media Kit – The three reasons you need a media kit and what to include in yours.

How to Spend Your Marketing Budget – A strategic marketing plan for interior designers.

How to Use Rewardstyle as an Interior Designer – How to monetize your portfolio images and earn passive income.

5 Steps to Update Your SEO – The fastest way to increase web traffic.

What to Do When Instagram Goes Down – How to diversify your marketing, so it lasts beyond Instagram.

Drafting the Perfect Pitch Email – Best practices for pitching your work, plus a foolproof email template.


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The Identité Collective Process


Our Branding + Web Design Process– This post walks you through the process from soup to nuts when working with The Identité Collective.

The Importance of Your Design Homework – Why the work you do before we begin is the most important work you’ll do.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer – Why your small business doesn’t need both.





The Identité Collective is a full-service creative studio for interior designers and boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and social media content creation, we help brands built around beautiful living elevate their digital presence to represent the physical spaces they design. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.


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