How to Start Selling Products as an Interior Designer

With the launch of our first e-commerce template, The Amelie, we have been thinking and talking about online interiors shops almost constantly! 

I specialize in helping small shops take their in-store experience online, and many of the steps I take with my clients translate to opening a new shop as an extension of an existing business. If you’ve been dreaming of opening an online store of beautifully curated home goods under the umbrella of your interior design brand, here’s how to get started:


How to Start Selling Products as an Interior Designer | Home Decor Shop | The Identite Collective

via Shoppe by Amber Interiors



Set Up Trade Accounts



If you haven’t already, it’s time to open up trade vendor accounts. It sounds so much more difficult than it actually is. You’ll need to show your business license and complete their application. Then, you’ll be assigned a sales rep (usually by region) who will be your point of contact for all orders moving forward. We have a handy post with more information about trade accounts here

Once those accounts are in place, ask your trade vendors if they allow e-commerce. Most of them will! 


How to Start Selling Products as an Interior Designer | McGee & Co Home Decor Shop | The Identite Collective

via McGee and Co. | Photography: Kate Osborne



Create an Inventory Plan



Once your trade vendor accounts are in place, ask what their opening order minimum is (how much money you have to spend with that specific vendor to establish an account). Minimums vary, but most range from $500-$1500. 

Your second question should be about their re-order minimum. When it’s time to restock shop, you need to know how much you have to spend to place your next order. This amount should be much lower than the original order minimum, like $150 or some vendors might not have a re-order minimum at all. 

Once you’ve selected the inventory that will fit your vision for your shop, ask what the per-item minimum is. Depending on how they’re packaged, items might come in multiples of 2, 4, 6, or even 12. 

Our recommendation is to start small with inventory numbers, and instead, focus on growing your inventory range. It’s more important that your store look fully stocked and offer multiple purchase opportunities than to have large quantities on hand, since re-ordering usually isn’t a big deal. You want clients coming back for more and checking in for new products regularly. A shop with 10-12 products leaves a lot to be desired. 

How to Start Selling Products as an Interior Designer | IDCO E-Commerce Website Template | The Identite Collective

Get Your Site E-Commerce Ready



We’ve made this part easy! Just purchase your e-commerce template, like the Amelie, and set up your store. The Amelie was created with this exact purpose in mind—helping interior designers launch or enhance their online shops. Just FYI: You will need your product weights and dimensions on hand to calculate shipping costs. 

Once you have your inventory loaded and shipping set up, you will need to connect your preferred payment processor. We like to use Stripe and Paypal, and have found those to be great options! This is important: establish and publish your return policy on your site before you launch and don’t forget your privacy policy while you’re at it! 

How to Start Selling Products as an Interior Designer | IDCO E-Commerce Website Template | The Identite Collective

A few tips for your launch: 

  • Create a social media campaign to announce the opening of your shop and post about it regularly to build up some anticipation
  • When typing up descriptions for different items in your inventory, keep SEO in mind. What would someone searching for that item type in their search bar? Try to incorporate those words. 
  • Have a few professional shots on hand of your products styled that you can use on social media following the launch. This is a great way to cross-promote your pieces with the “Shop the Look” feature! 


If you already have an established brand and following, opening an online shop is a great way to expand your offerings and grow your business without a huge time trade-off. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous goods being sold on the Amelie template



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  1. Poornima Krishnan says:

    I want to start online selling products of interior decoration. Please help me out I am from India. I don’t have products.

  2. TOPE says:

    Hi, my name is Tope from Nigeria i want to start this business. How where can i get products for my store?
    Kindly get back to me

    Thank you

  3. Kanchan pawar says:

    Hello…. M Interior designer and oi want to start online business…… From home….. How can i start…… Pls suggest

    • Darius says:

      Anyone who want to Start a online business and is lacking for product can text me in whatsapp & ig
      Am a Luxury interior Bathroom acessories dealer
      Contact- +918001974180
      IG – Itz_Darius.xo

      We Provide world wide delivery

  4. Stephen Maximo Viola says:

    Hi, how much is the initial capital we have to put together in order to start a shop.
    Where do we get suppliers or vendors? Do you have recommendations who?
    Do you also recommend getting imports?

  5. Tracey donaldson says:

    Hi, I want to set up a online business which will enable me to work from home.
    Selling interior design products, how do I start my journey?
    Please can you help me with the info I need to get started.

  6. Priyam Narain says:

    I want to collaborate with people producing interior decor items

  7. Jenny Padayachee says:

    Good morning
    My name is Jenny Padayachee from South Africa. I want to open and Interior decor shop from home,vause I dont have funds to rent a premises. Like to sell cushions and arts and crafts from recycled materials. Please help with ideas and advice.
    Kind regards

  8. Good morning,
    I have been hoping to find a site like this one . I am not an interior designer, what I do is design and sew my pillows. I had my pillows on Etsy many years ago. My question is what are my options when it comes to selling my products to decorators. I am starting a new Spring line and this is what I I envision on an e-commerce site. I don’t know the first thing about how to proceed moving forward and actually learned a few things from reading the what to do’s on this site.

    Thanking you in advance for any information you might have for me.

    Carmen Quirindongo

  9. Ughe Judith says:

    Judem from Nigeria I want to start the interior business but am new to it…how much do I need to start the business, who are we to get connected to..

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