How to write the perfect about page

About Pages are the unsung hero of web copy. It’s a space where you can really delve into your brand’s origin story and speak directly to your clients. And while sales might not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re writing your About Page, don’t discount its power to influence potential clients and foster brand awareness. Interior design is incredibly personal, so this is where someone will feel a personal connection.

Our copywriter, Carmen, likes to use the About Page to really develop a brand voice and introduce core values. One of the first decisions that has to be made about the copy is whether it should include the person behind the brand. If you’re DIYing your web content, we are sharing a few things to consider regarding when and how you should include yourself in your band story. If you’re looking to revamp your website, check out our IDCO Studio Templates. They come complete with a copywriting guide, directly from Carmen herself.



As an interior designer, you and your story are central to the brand. Include your background, inspiration, and anything you think is relevant to your craft. Speak the language of your ideal client – this page can be less formal. Interweave your presence in the community, your life as a mom, and other anecdotes that can relate to your dream client.


However, if you have a team of people, use your about page to speak about your brand, your story, and how your signature style is curated for your clientele. We’ve also really been loving using the About page to describe your design process.


If there is a facet of your story that your ideal design client would relate to, then you should emphasize it. For example, if you only source fair trade products, explain how you became passionate about ethical furnishings and the gap you saw in the market. Let your customers know what sets your business and you apart. Include them in the process of sourcing your items and verifying that they meet your high standards. This adds value to your brand as a designer.


It’s okay if your items are just curated based on what you like. If that’s the case, offer some behind-the-scenes glimpses and lifestyle inspiration without injecting too much of yourself. Let your work speak for itself.


If you’ve built a brand around your name, have a community behind your Instagram following or your name is associated with your industry, then your name is a marketing tool. If you already have a base of customers, clients, or followers, you want to transition as many as possible to your new website. Including your name is also great for SEO if your business is your namesake.

Even if your new brand is in the same industry as your last work experience, try not to talk too much about your previous jobs on your about page. Mention it and move on to how your experience is translating to your next chapter.

Starting with your about page can often feel overwhelming. When you’re ready for a full refresh, our limited release website templates for interior designers are a great starting point. In addition to 3 weeks live tech support from our design director, Lexi, you’ll also receive a custom copywriting guide. We even have the option to hire us to do your copy for you.  As always, if you’re ready for professional help, drop us a line. IDCO Studio specializes in brand storytelling through branding, web design and Instagram management for interior designers.

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