How You Can Help Small Businesses While Sheltering in Place

The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting precautions have affected all of us, and our businesses, in different ways. For interior designers, specifically, adjustments have been needed at the very least. Some have seen business come to a grinding halt, while more still have had to edit their processes and do as much work virtually as possible.

While we are confident that designers everywhere are rising to the challenge of serving their clients at a distance, the uncertainty of how and when the economy rebounds is a constant worry for all of us. Now more than ever, it’s important that we promote community over competition for each other and the industry as a whole. As we wait for normalcy to return, there are a few things we can do for interior designers (and other small business owners) as designers or design enthusiasts.



Ways to Help Small Businesses



Leave Reviews

There are so many businesses that we’d love to be patronizing right now, but can’t due to social distancing. When the restrictions are lifted, and people are looking to spend money, we want our friends’ businesses to be top of mind! Leaving reviews online for your favorite businesses and creative entrepreneurs boosts their online presence and keeps their name circulating while they wait to reopen.


Pin Their Work To Pinterest

Social media use is at an all-time high as we all have a little more downtime. Pinning your fellow designers’ work on Pinterest is like giving them free advertising. Those pins could result in eventual projects or passive income that comes through their blog and affiliate links.


Share Their Work On Your Feed

It costs us nothing to share our favorite designers with our followers. If you feel inspired or you think it’s a style your followers will identify with, regram it! Just keep in mind proper etiquette when reposting + crediting.


Start A Blog Series Highlighting Designers You Admire

At this point in quarantine, you’re likely running out of content ideas. This is a win-win! Share some information and images from your favorite designers in a blog series. It will drive traffic to both your sites and social media platforms, and hopefully, inspire some post-Coronavirus inquiries for everyone.


Shop Their E-Commerce Stores

An in-person design might be out for now, but many designers are using this time to promote their e-commerce stores. If you are able, support them by purchasing items, photographing them in your space, and sharing with your online community. If you can’t swing that, share your picks from their shop or include them in product round-ups.


Like + Comment On Their Posts

Engagement is like currency on Instagram. Your comments on others’ posts encourage traffic and visibility. And, social media marketing aside, I think we could all use an encouraging word and the support of our online community right now.


Do A Story Swap

Round-up some designers whose work you enjoy and promote each other by sharing one another’s work in your stories. It takes a few minutes to share a few images you like, but the impact could be substantial for a designer trying to grow their audience.



All that to say, let’s all make an intentional effort to be kinder and more supportive than ever online. In situations like these, it’s true that we are truly in it together. I find that when I’m feeling uncertain about the future or overwhelmed by the constant influx of information, supporting others—even if just in a small way—reminds me that we are all capable of doing something and helping someone. We hope you are all safe + healthy at home and finding ways to stay connected and inspired.



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