IDCO Favorites for the Month of April

This April looks a bit different than in months past. While we are all hunkering down at home, we’ve found ourselves spending more time unplugging, cleaning out, pairing down and turning towards wardrobe staples where comfort is key. Have a look at the IDCO team’s quarantine approved favorites for April.  This round-up is perfect for stylish lounging, organizing all the things and spending some much-needed downtime getting crafty.





for your home



Reed Diffuser

This reed diffuser is like, SO GOOD. I normally hate these things, but I put one in my office and it makes me happy all day. Not too strong, just fresh. If you’re more of an incense type, this holder is so pretty.


French Flatware

I got this beautiful french flatware set and it makes me feel like I’m at some fabulous French cafe, even when eating cheerios in my kitchen. It makes the everyday feel special.


A Style Savvy Dog Bed 

I just ordered Kennedy this dog bed from the Madewell x Parachute collection because I was so tired of looking at her gross brown microfiber one. If your pup is need of a doggy bed upgrade, I can’t recommend this one enough.


Stacking Baskets

Anyone else cleaning out every closet and drawer? These stacking baskets have been added to my pantry and make it really easy for storing produce.





for your quarantine routine



Striped Bianca Pant

Whether building your working from home uniform or effortless loungewear stockpile, these super cozy pants fit the bill.


Paint by Numbers

I love these beautiful Paint by Numbers our friend Angela at Saffron Avenue made. Also very into these sets from Etsy. here and here.


Not Your Grandma’s Embroidery Kit

We’re trying our hand at a few crafts perfect for that slow and steady stay-at-home life and this embroidery kit fits the bill.


Our New Favorite Mattress

This mattress is SO affordable. We’ve been through 3 other mattresses this year (including Casper and Purple) and this one beats it every time.


The BEST Pretzels

These pretzels are THE ULTIMATE and that says a lot because I don’t even like pretzels.


Milk Frother

Hankering for your favorite coffee shop latte? Make homebrewed coffee feel fancy with this milk frother.




currently streaming + reading



Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers + Wabi-Sabi Welcome

I’ve been super into studying Wabi-Sabi (late to the game, I know) and both of these were wonderful, especially in our current season of pandemic.


Blinded by the Light

A feel-good movie (just what we need) set in the 80’s with a killer Bruce Springsteen soundtrack. Right now it is free to stream on HBO, no subscription required.


The Dutch House Audio Book

From the author of Commonwealth (one of my favorites), this book is next on the audiobook list because THE Tom Hanks narrates and if anything can soothe us through a pandemic quarantine, it’s him.



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