IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan

IDCO Lake House Design Plan: Entryway

Now that I’ve shared the exterior renovation plans, it’s time to take you inside with the IDCO Lake House design plan for the entryway. Apparently at the lake, the front of your house faces the water and the back of your house faces the street. It’ll take some getting used to the reverse terminology. For the ease of this post, we’ll go ahead and call this the front door.

Where We’re Starting in the Entryway

I’m not going to lie – it is a project. We will be replacing everything down to the floors, walls, ceiling, window, and door. Below, I’ve included images of the space as it currently stands. First and foremost, it needs a good scrub. This house has been vacant for a year and there were renters in before that. A little Powder Tide, Clorox Bleach, Magic Erasers (this is the best deal I’ve found) and elbow grease will be the first tools we use in here.

The Entryway Before


IDCO Lake House Design Plan The Entryway Before


IDCO Lake House Design Plan The Entryway Before


IDCO Lake House Design Plan The Entryway Before


Once we have things scrubbed, we’ll demo the floors. While I wish we could keep them, they only run through a small part of the house. They also have some major damage in a few places where the door scratched them and water seeped in on the back patio. I don’t think we’ll have subfloor to replace (in this area at least), but we’ll pull up baseboards and floors right away.

Both upstairs bedrooms are off this hallway, which directs you to the walk out basement down the stairs or around the corner to the great room. Because of the high traffic coming through this space, I’ll make sure everything is super durable. Keep reading to see the IDCO Lake House entryway design plan!


The Inspiration for the Entryway

One of the best parts of working at IDCO Studio is that it is literally my job to scroll Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration all day. Below, I’ve rounded up the BEST inspiration for this space I could find. Just like the exterior, think “elevated camp”.

For example, vertical shiplap, simple window and door casings, a painted Dutch door and textural lighting will make this space feel intentional and inviting. Wall hooks will add function to the space without taking up precious square footage. Finally, opening up the pony wall will illuminate the stairwell to the basement and change the whole vibe.


IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan

via Bria Hammel Interiors

IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan

via M. Arkitetektur

IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan


IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan

via Arch Daily

IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan

via Amber Interiors

via Mindy Gayer

The Entryway Design Plan


IDCO Lake House Entryway Design Plan



We will be running Flooret’s Palka Signature luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout the entire house. It’s waterproof, large scale planks and super durable. Because the house has a walk out basement and will take on a lot of wet feet coming in off the lake, I knew I couldn’t go with traditional hardwood. As we started researching options, I was super impressed with Flooret’s pre-attached underlayment. The planks click together in less than a second. I suddenly felt like we might actually be able to do the floors ourselves.


I went with the Palka line because I loved the warm neutral tone and rustic pattern. Flooret has a super handy Room Visualization tool you can use to mock up the floors in your space. (Note: I realized this after spending an hour on the mockup below.) To be sure, I ordered six full size planks and clicked them together at our office to see the variation. Of the six I ordered, four had unique patterns while two repeated. By rotating the repeats I was able to create a very natural looking design. You can use code IDCO33 for 33% off samples!


Windows + Doors


We’ll then move on to install a larger (operable) window at the end of the hallway. This view looks directly out onto the lake and will offer cool breezes through the house in addition to ample light. Once we’ve added the window, we’ll install a new Dutch door which we will paint in Sherwin Williams’ Inverness green as soon as it arrives.


Vertical Shiplap Paneling


Next up, there is a pony wall that wraps around the stair well that we may keep and add paneling to. However, I’m hoping we’ll be able to replace it with a simple metal version that helps brighten up the stairwell.

Finally, it will be safe for us to add vertical shiplap paneling to the walls and down the stairs. We’ll wrap the paneling to the ceiling for a true cottage look. Because this is one of the smaller spaces in the house, I’m really amping up the architectural details. The smaller space will cost less in materials (hello record high lumbar prices). We’ll paint all of the vertical shiplap Sherwin Williams’ Greek Villa – the perfect shade of creamy white. It has depth and dimension while still being highly reflective.




I’ll finish off this space with this woven rattan pendant light from Serena & Lily. I love it’s exaggerated shape and oversized volume. It will hang just over the stairwell and nicely balance the large picture window. Furthermore, we’ll add built in stair lighting to illuminate the basement staircase and provide a little more mood.


Finishing Touches

A vintage Moroccan rug from Revival is the key finishing touch in the IDCO Lake House entryway. Vintage rugs are the key to a durable space. They hide dirt and somehow look even cooler when they are disheveled. While it may be a one-of-a-kind, I’ve sourced a few similar options for you here, here, and here. The last detail will be a few unlacquered brass hooks for dog leashes and sun hats. We use the hooks in our entryway heavily, so I will definitely make sure to include them in any foyer again!


Make sure to check out Instagram for a full video walk through of the IDCO Lake House and more behind the scenes as we officially kick off demo!



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