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raena albers interior designer sitting in her white kitchenYou know those people that come into your life that have this gift of making you feel like the most important person in the world? That’s Raena Albers. We met on Instagram and became fast friends. She has a way of making you feel like what you’re doing is the coolest thing in the world, and that you have this constant cheerleader in your corner. A close personal friend and incredible interior designer, Raena Interiors is quickly becoming Minneapolis’ go-to designer.

While her design and styling skills are limitless at Raena Interiors – Raena’s ability to connect with and understand her clients is what elevates her in the industry. Read below for some major insight to how Instagram can be engine of your business and why melting popsicles ain’t so bad.

PS – don’t miss her 5 Fave Instagram accounts either – I hadn’t been following any of them, and now I am completely obsessed!

Dirty Details

LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota

ProfessionI design clean, beautiful, livable spaces with layers of natural elemements

How can we book your services?Through my website – I offer e-design interior design services around the world

Favorite song lyric: “You can dance in a hurricane but only if you’re standing in the eye.” -Brandi Carlile

Favorite cake flavorClassic yellow cake mix, all day

Pet peeveBad table manners

Afternoon snackSourdough toast with butter and an iced green tea

Currently binging on NetflixLOVE, because I get sucked in to any show that accurately showcases dysfunctional people

Fave Instagram Accounts@floretflower@luliewallace@ateliercollection@cartoonfeminist, + @beautybets

bright white kitchen with brass fixtures and dark floors

What was your formal education or past career experience in? How do you translate that past experience into your current business?

I have been working since I was fourteen years old! I think of my career and my education as a melting, colorful popsicle. The popsicle is slowly melting, dripping, exposing another color. The popsicle can be just the flavor you want, however, sometimes you’re left holding just a stick. Every multi-passionate person should be able to relate to this analogy. And as cheesy as it sounds– any success of my own is due to my popsicle sticks.

black and white kitchen with brass accents

When did you decide to join your industry? Was it a master plan or a stroke of luck?

I started my business about a year ago, but it was in the works long before that. My planning started when I was a single parent, so I had to be very strategic and slow going so I could ease into it vs. jumping head first.

Do you work in your home or do you have a studio?

I am a diehard homebody, so it feels only natural for me to work from home… 2:00 champagne? Pajamas? It’s been fantastic, but this is not my forever plan. I cannot wait to have a little studio! I have quickly learned that I am much more productive when I am away from home. Getting dressed and putting on make-up gives me a huge sense of power that I just don’t have in my pajamas.

What is your team like? Are you totally solo or do you delegate some tasks out – if so, which ones?

I am just a one woman show right now. My plan was to find someone to go into business with me- I truly believe in strength in numbers, however, nobody wanted to take the risk! I am easing into delegation. It soon will be necessary as I am very aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

Have you ever hired a designer or have you DIY’d your entire brand?

I have DIY’d everything so far… I felt it was important for me to understand what I wanted my brand to look like before I hired it out. Now I am realizing that it is really important to ask for that kind of help.

If you could redo one step in building your business – what would it be and why?

My website. It’s “fine” and functions well, but it’s always felt like a slightly neglected child that deserves more TLC and regular updates.  [update: we had the opportunity to work with Raena on her branding and website and you can view the beautiful final design here]

brown leather living sofa in traditional living room with beautiful indoor tree and greenery

We use the term “New Normal” as business starts to take off + exciting things start happening. What was your most exciting “New Normal” or “Big Win” moment?

The “big win” for me was getting my first client because she set the bar so high. Having a person put their trust in me will be the big win, every time.

What is does your morning routine look like? Do you stick to a schedule?

I have three kids to see off to school at different intervals. From 6-8 AM, I am basically managing them. After they leave, I clean up real quick (hello, athleisure) and get to work (hello kitchen table). If I have a meeting or site visit, I will wake up at 5:00 AM and get ready so I am ready to go when the kids leave for school.

How do you manage a work / life balance? Do you set any specific boundaries?

The boundaries I have to set are with myself. I am in control of when I work, so its all about making the best use of my time. I have to unplug to receive clarity and creative inspiration, otherwise I just feel like its not worth it. Over-exertion is a creativity killer.

You manage your digital personality so well – how do you keep it so consistent?

I post what I find relevant and beautiful. If I stay true to what I love, it looks naturally cohesive. Plus, I try not to say too much. Sometimes less is more.

bright white and blue ikat master bedroom design

How has social media fueled your business?

Instagram is the only reason why I am working, really. When I started, I really had no idea what a powerful platform it would be for me. The task of posting content was daunting… could I become relevant in this otherworldly sea of perfection? As it turns out, my clients come from Instagram, so its huge for my business.


There are so many talented interior designers out there, especially on Instagram – what makes your business stand out?

The amount of talent I see on the daily is bananas. I see so much seriousness, though, with interior designers. Hopefully my bright + clean aesthetic is what makes my business stand out. I really do want the work to stand for itself so I don’t have to be loud or too formal.

What brand would be a DREAM collaboration?

Susan Conner. Her textiles are perfectly whimsical, unique, organic and versatile. I am totally in love.

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