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Aug 27

It’s safe to say Pinterest is our go-to source for inspiration, and it’s crucial for your business to increase your Pinterest following. It is our go-to search engine (yes, even before Google) for anything lifestyle, art, food, or recommendation related. As a brand that produces original content, Pinterest is a primary driver of traffic to your website (on average, 17% of our web traffic comes from Pinterest every month). The more eyes that can see your Pins, the greater chance you have to concert those eyes to website visits, and convert those website visits into clients. Whether you are an interior designer, fine artist, graphic designer, life coach, blogger or any other type of creative entrepreneur, Pinterest should remain a top focus for your marketing efforts.

Even as branding and web design experts, we’ll be the first to admit that no matter how good your web design is, if you don’t get visitors to your website, you can’t get clients. With changes to algorithms – like every other social media platform – it’s become increasingly more difficult to increase your Pinterest following. But through trial and error, we’ve successfully increased our Pinterest following and reach by 50% in 30 days. Here is how:

Pinterest profile example using board covers and descriptions

  • Rename your boards to simple, searchable titles One of the biggest mistakes we see Pinterest users make is naming their boards something super personalized or cutesy. By switching your board titles to something straight forward and descriptive, your boards will appear higher in Pinterest search rankings. For example: “Minimalist Fashion” will perform significantly better than “Get in My Closet”. If you’re struggling on what to name your board, work backwards. Think about what you would search to find pins similar to your board, and use that for your board name.

  • Add descriptions to your boards: Make sure to utilize your board descriptions to your advantage by adding key words to the description. Just like how you named your board, think about what search phrases someone might use to find pins similar to yours. To add a board description, simply hover over your board and click on the pencil in the lower right corner.

  • Optimize your pins: Vertical pins always perform better than horizontal ones because they appear larger in a Pinterest feed. Make sure to always create your content in a square or vertical rectangle, no smaller, in order to help increase your Pinterest following.

  • Organize your boards: You can rearrange your Pinterest boards by simply dragging and dropping on your profile. Make sure your first boards are centered around your brand, but more importantly, what your target clients are interested in seeing. For instance: We don’t market to other branding or web designers, so we showcase our interior design and fashion pins first. Then, we showcase branding and web design inspiration, along with our own personal pins. (see example here)

  • Use a pin scheduler: The biggest way to increase your Pinterest following (and by proxy, your website traffic) is to pin frequently and consistently. As with all algorithms, your content is prioritized when used regularly. Options like Buffer, Tailwind or Board Booster will batch schedule pins from selected boards to your own Pinterest boards at optimized times. Board Booster is our preferred software, as it allows endless customization and results in top quality pins. 

    The Identité Collective is a full service creative studio for boutique lifestyle brands. Offering bespoke branding, web design and social media content creation, we help small businesses elevate their digital presence to become industry experts. Want to work together? Shoot us an inquiry here.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    This post is absolute gold! Revamping my Pinterest to get more traffic is on my to-do list, and I’ll be using this as a guide to help me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Rory says:

    These are such great tips! Pinterest is such an important aspect of my business, so I’m always happy to learn new ways to increase my traffic!

  3. I need to start using a pin scheduler! These are such good tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anne Wright says:

    I have been using Pinterest for a long time. I switched to PinPinterest marketing tool to automate my Pinterest account, and I must say that PinPinterest [com] worked pretty legit in boosting my Pinterest account performance. It saves my time and maintains my account better than me.

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