The Benefits of Sourcing Vintage

We’ve always been “team vintage” for the richness and character these pieces bring to a space. From patinaed rugs to antique cabinets, art, and weathered vessels, vintage pieces add so much depth and uniqueness to design. But following a pandemic year of delayed production and impossibly long lead times, sourcing more vintage might also be a smart business move.

Today we’re breaking down the key reasons designers should be incorporating vintage items in their projects. Plus, how it can help your work stand out in a crowded field as well as help your bottom line in terms of profitability. And because shopping vintage can take practice, we’ve included our favorite online storefronts to source all of the above.



Sourcing Vintage in Your Design Work


Dining nook with vintage art | The Benefits of Sourcing Vintage | Design by reDesign home

Design: reDesign home | Photography: Ryan McDonald


One-of-a-Kind Quality


The unique quality of vintage pieces is something that simply can’t be manufactured. The well-worn surfaces bring a richness to design and give it character. Sourcing everything from vintage rugs to stools, lighting, case goods, and textiles will bring an eclectic vibe that will truly set your design apart.

While the majority of your sourced products come from industry-wide sources, it’s often those extra layers that really give a room personality. Think of it as your signature look. With antique elements, no two rooms will be the same.

If you are on the hunt for great vintage sources, we previously rounded-up our go-to shops for vintage rugs, as well as where to find the best vintage art here.



Seating nook with velvet vintage sofa | The Benefits of Sourcing Vintage | Design: Rachel Halvorson Designs

Interior Design: Rachel Halvorson Designs | Photography: Paige Rumore Photography


Heightened Sustainability


All beauty and patina aside, sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces is also a much more sustainable design practice. Utilizing vintage decor and upcycling things like textiles and building materials (think gorgeous wood beams or a repurposed antique door) means that you are saving older pieces from going to a landfill. In addition, you’re skipping manufacturing, shipping and packaging materials that all have detrimental impacts on the environment. Read more ways to build a sustainable design brand right here.



French style apartment | The Benefits of Sourcing Vintage | Interior Design: Moore House DesignFrench style apartment | The Benefits of Sourcing Vintage | Interior Design: Moore House Design

Interior Design: Moore House Design | Photography: Erin McGinn



Eliminates Lead Times


The ripple effects of the pandemic have affected nearly every industry, including design. The result?  Massive inventory shortages and much longer lead times on everything from furniture to accessories. You can read more in-depth about how designers are navigating this new normal, but one solution is clear: sourcing vintage. By incorporating vintage pieces into your design work, you effectively eliminate any lead time stress while giving your clients a one-of-a-kind look.


Muted blue built-in bookcase with vintage art | Interior Design: Mikel Welch

Interior Design: Mikel Welch | Photography: John Bessler



Vintage Maximizes Your Profitability


While the idea of vintage decor may sound expensive, it’s often a much more cost-effective approach to sourcing. You can find vintage items at a much lower cost than newly-manufactured pieces, thus increasing your profit margin when selling to clients. This works especially well with items that you can reupholster to fit your specified project for an additional profit. Some of our favorite sources for vintage finds include Round Top, Brimfield, and Las Vegas Market, as well as local antique shops.

Secondly, if you are sourcing for resale, your profits will be much higher because there is no MSRP. If you have an online shop or brick-and-mortar, finding one-of-a-kind items means you can mark up to a price that works for your business and increase your profits. If you would like to find out more about how to start selling products as an interior designer, check out our guide.


Website Templates for Interior Designers | IDCO Studio


Modern cottage kitchen style with vintage rug | Design: The Identite CollectiveModern cottage kitchen style with vintage art | Design: The Identite Collective

Design: The Identite Collective | Photography: Madeline Harper


It’s safe to say we have an obsession with all things vintage. Sustainability, signature design style, and increased profit margins make these unique pieces so worth the investment and time spent sourcing. They truly elevate the design of a room and can bring in warmth and personality like nothing else. 



Our Favorite Online Vintage Shops


Hohm Decor

This e-design shop is full of vintage scores at really great prices. But be forewarned, you will probably leave with more than you bargained for.


The Drop

Our friends at reDesign Home curate this incredible collection of vintage artwork and home accessories from Europe + beyond.



These antique rugs are truly heirloom quality, and the shop owner, Georgia has a killer eye for style.


The Southern Loom

Based here in Austin, The Southern Loom is one of our first stops when hunting for a vintage rug.


Drift Home Collection

Founder and curator, Nataliya has combined her love of travel and interior design into a stunning online source for curated goods. If you are on the hunt for a Moroccan rug, this is the shop for you.


Shop Henslin

This Minneapolis-based shop has a vast collection of vintage rugs and decor with an emphasis on true authenticity at great price points.



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