Kitchen Reveal: Austin Townhome Kitchen Renovation

A couple weeks ago we took you on a tour of my parent’s newly renovated home in Austin. We started with their master bedroom. It was so wonderful to hear everyone’s sweet support, as their part-time move here is a dream come true. I’m so excited to share with you the kitchen renovation, background about the project and all the design details.


Photography by Madeline Harper



Background on the Kitchen Renovation


The biggest issue with this house was moving the giant staircase that consume the entire floor plan. The sprawling staircase forced the kitchen into a dark, tiny corner and the previous owners took some design liberties that weren’t helping the situation.

To begin, my parents figured out a way to use extra room in the garage to engineer a staircase that started from the entryway, but ran along the shared back wall with the neighbors. This was the key transformation to the space, as we suddenly were flooded with daylight and there was room for a functioning island. The footprint of the kitchen stayed the same, which helped us stay on budget. The sink, dishwasher, fridge and range were all able to stay where they had been previously. In the end, the tight floor plan actually serves as a super functional and spacious kitchen!



Design Details


Because we were doing my parents kitchen at the same time as my own kitchen renovation, we used a lot of the same materials. For example, we purchased three slabs of the leathered carrera marble to split between our two kitchens. We went with the 3mm thickness with a straight edge for a more modern feel in their space.

Additionally, because they were concerned about the light in the space (trust me – it was DARK before), they got the same Kitchenaid appliances as ours, but in white. We love the substantial, modern and textured feel of the door hardware. They feel luxe, work beautifully and are super budget friendly. You’ll probably notice they went with the matte black Hallman range as well. Theirs is the 36 inch versus our 30 inch version and it’s every bit as beautiful.

They used pre-fab cabinetry from Prime Cabinetry (currently having a huge sale) and used the alternate color Stepped Gray for the island. The microwave and pull out trash and recycling bins are tucked in the island while allowing for up to five people to eat at the counter. We also used pre-fab floating shelves from Prime Cabinetry. They are surprisingly sturdy, and when used in shorter lengths, they are a great alternative to custom shelves like mine.

We mixed the metals up in this space so it didn’t feel so stark. The beautiful brass cabinet hardware is from Etsy, the black pendant light are from Pottery Barn which we paired with matte black sconces on the back wall. To pick up that dark color, we sourced tons of vintage artwork for the shelves and tiled wall. Further, we went for a dark leather upholstered bench with major industrial vibes to make things feel a little less farmhouse.




Moody gray and white farmhouse kitchen



Kitchen Sources

I think the finished kitchen feels totally layered and unique. You’d never know it was a townhome with a shared wall. Scroll down for the before images so you can see the transformation for yourself. Sources are linked below – happy shopping!




Before (shield your eyes, friends)





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  1. Patti Buckley says:

    Haha ! So much fun….and horror to see the before. I love this kitchen, I could move right in. Oh, but wait I did! Thanks Anastasia and Madeline for making it look so lovely and fresh. Too bad you were t able to share the blue and purple sponged backsplash on travertine. That was really special.

  2. Allison says:

    Been following your work for some time now. Such a transformation, it is so so lovely and inspires me for how I can transform my small kitchen.
    I think open shelving makes a small kitchen appear larger and airy. The shelves in your kitchen reno were quite substantial, could you share what the dimensions of the shelves in this reno were? As well as space between each shelf? I am always curious about how folks decide on practical placement and dimensions for the floating shelves as I have yet to decide on them for my own space. Thanks!

    • acasey says:

      Hi Allison! Thanks so much for asking. Our shelves are 92 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 4 inches thick (they are framed with 2x4s so they could hold the weight of all the stuff I wanted to showcase). They are 18 inches apart. I hope that helps!

  3. christine says:

    again, the floors! so pretty! are these the same ones in the other parents bedroom post? I just LOVE them. If you can share the brand/color i’d be grateful!

  4. Kristen says:

    This is perfect in every way. I would love to know the tile that was used. Thanks so much!







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