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We love our lake home’s off-the-beaten-path location, but it means cooking each meal at home is a given. As I considered the mealtime logistics of our trips to the lake, I knew we’d be putting the kitchen appliances to good use. But here’s the catch: our lake house doesn’t have gas, so we needed to find electric appliances that fit our modern tastes.

I went down my typical rabbit hole of online research and came across Verona Appliances. I knew they had a reputation for quality, but the Italian-made matte black range is what really sealed the deal. Read on to learn about all our lake house appliance picks and how they’ve held up for our family of avid home cooks.


Verona Appliances matte black electric range in the IDCO Lake House


IDCO Lake House

Verona Appliances



French Door Refrigerator 

The quick facts: 36-inches, Counter-depth, Stainless


Our modern lake house kitchen design needed a set of sleek appliances, and this refrigerator really fit the bill. Verona calls it their French Door Refrigerator, and this stainless fridge slid right into the existing layout. We simply built the fridge in by reusing the upper cabinet box, adding a faux side panel, and trimming everything in.

I’m a little nit-picky about appliances being flush with the counters, so the 36-inch counter depth was a huge win. I love that the doors each have deep compartments (deep enough to fit a 12-pack), plus it came with a standard freeze drawer AND deep freeze drawer option. We’re constantly coming and going from the lake house, so it’s easy to see what we have stocked, what needs to be cleaned out, and what can be stowed away in the freezer to avoid food waste.


Verona Appliances French Door Fridge in the IDCO Lake HouseVerona Appliances stainless dishwasher in the IDCO Lake House


Built-in Dishwasher

The quick facts: 24-inches, Tall tub, Stainless


If you followed our initial design plans, you might remember that the lake home’s existing dishwasher hadn’t worked in years. That being said, finding an update was an absolute must. I saw that Verona Appliances had a coordinating dishwasher to the refrigerator we’d already selected, so this was an easy choice. With clean lines and a stainless finish, it feels very top-of-the-line, and there’s also a handy light that turns on whenever it’s open. Dishwashers are the true workhorse of any vacation home and have no doubt this one is up to the task.


Verona Appliances matte black electric range in the IDCO Lake HouseVerona Appliances matte black electric range in the IDCO Lake House


Matte Black Electric Range

The quick facts: 36-inches, Electric, Matte black


I mentioned earlier that our lake house doesn’t have gas, so finding a beautiful electric range was priority number one. I wasn’t willing to compromise aesthetics, so after days and days of research, I was ecstatic to find this matte black option from Verona. It reminds me so much of the range in our Austin kitchen, but with a modern twist. The matte black finish perfectly matched our Tricorn Black cabinetry color, and I love how seamless everything looks together.

The range is handmade in Italy and has five spacious burners to work with. I’ll admit that cooking on an electric stovetop comes with a learning curve, but this appliance has really transformed my opinion of electric ranges. For starters, it’s shockingly easy to keep clean. Without all the metal grates to fuss over, I can just let it cool and wipe up any spills or splatters. The oven also cooks like a dream, and we’ve managed to make some really incredible meals shared around our table.



Undermount Hood

The quick facts: 36-inches, Low profile, Stainless


Initially, I had planned to do a smooth plaster surround, but I decided to pivot as we started building things out. I felt like we needed some black color tone up top to balance the space, so we built a box around the hood, added shiplap, and trimmed it out. We’ve put our vent to the test countless times over the past several months, and it always makes for a great (and safe) cooking experience.



Verona Appliances matte black oven in the IDCO Lake House




To keep everything looking brand new, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade. On the range, I use Weiman cleaner on the glass cooktop as needed. For more stubborn messes, I actually put plastic wrap on the oven cleaner and let it sit overnight, which keeps moisture in and helps break down any baked-on spills.

As a final note, I wanted to mention that our Verona Appliances delivery experience was such a breeze. The appliances were brought right into the kitchen, and we let them sit tight as we chipped away at the remodel. Once things were in place, we simply plugged things in and put them straight to use—electric appliances for the win.


Modern lake house kitchen with woven bar stoolsVerona Appliances stainless steel dishwasher in the IDCO Lake House


This post was created in collaboration with Verona Appliances. All opinions, selections and photos are mine. I’m so grateful for your commitment to help us create original content for you by shopping and browsing our links directly.


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Photography: Madeline Harper for IDCO Studio



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