Master Bathroom Design: 3 Ways

Now that construction has ben allowed to begin again, our master bathroom design plans are in full swing! We’ve had our kitchen renovation completed for about 6 months and couldn’t love it more. You could definitely say it’s caused an itch to move forward with other projects around the house. I feel like I’ve really found my signature style – one that fits my aesthetic preferences and the way we live. Our master bathroom is the obvious next step and turning that spacious, but dated, space into something special is so exciting.


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Our master bathroom measures 10 feet wide by 12 feet long, with an additional water closet and linen closet (adding another 4 feet of length). We have a TINY walk-in shower with that awful plastic floor and gross rusting frame. Literally, can’t shave your legs in the shower because it’s not large enough to bend over. Adjacent, there is a large, clunky “built-in” tub that has never worked properly and acts as a permanent laundry basket.


There is builder-basic, 12×12 stamped porcelain tile to look like travertine throughout, a spacious vanity that runs the length of the wall and then tons of open space right in the middle. We get great natural light with 3 mini transom windows above the vanity (kinda like the funny windows in the kitchen), plus a 3×4 glass block window above the current tub.


With so few things working for us functionally, and aesthetically being totally off with my vision for the house, it’s time to renovate. For reference: our home was built in 2006 and aside from the kitchen, hasn’t been updated since. It is technically a condo, although we have no shared walls, a private yard, and room on either side of the house. That means we do have an HOA so swapping out windows is not allowed, and we’ll have to keep the glass block. BUT I HAVE A PLAN PEOPLE!




Let’s start with layout. We aren’t bath people and knew we’d always have a bathtub in the guest bath/future kid’s bath (if we ever have any). That made it an easy decision to rip out the giant, non-working tab and turn that entire wall into a walk-in shower room. Because we have the large glass block wall, that room will always have a nice, natural glow, while the rest of the bathroom still has the transom windows for natural light.


We will wall off the future shower room, while leaving a beautiful arch at the center as the door. The shower will be to the left, while a bench and hand shower will be installed under the window on the right. We’ll use that side for giving Kennedy baths and watering plants (plant mom 🙌🏼).


With the addition of the wall, I’ll now be able to carve out a niche with open shelves and brass bar details to house my face washes and serums to the left of my sink. The wall will also allow a place for towel hooks outside the arched doorway, with room for a cute vintage stool below. Opposite of my wall niche, we’ll add a sconce and art on the wall next to Quinn’s side (which divides the water closet).


Next, we will replace the existing built-in vanity with two separate vanities that feel more like furniture. We’ll lose a bit of counter space, but the additional vertical storage will more than make up for that. I know I want vanities with drawers, as I think they are so much more useful than cabinets.




While I have the layout and floor plan finalized for the master bathroom design, there are some final hard surfaces that need selections. Alexander James has TONS of tile options, so I think I got a little overwhelmed at first. To help make up my mind, I created three different design boards to cover my top three favorite concepts for the master bathroom design.


To begin, I made a list of words that articulated the feeling I want the master bathroom design to have. They were the launching point for my internally, but also the words I searched Pinterest for!




Without further adieu, let’s get into the three design concepts! Please feel free to weigh in with ideas or feedback. While accessories and lighting can be switched in the future, tile feels much more permanent. Alexander James’ luckily had plenty of timeless options, all with a bit of a modern twist.

modern, minimal Mediterranean master bathroom sources:

one, two, three, four, five, six

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve


I love this modern, minimal design concept inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s simple, clean, and mixes finishes and natural materials. I wanted to combine historic charm, so I pulled the Muy Rustico Gris Flora tile from Alexander James for the floors which would run straight into the shower room and water closet. For the arched shower door and adjacent shower walls, this exaggerated subway tile in a handcrafted gloss ceramic will reflect so much natural light. The combination of both tiles feels well balanced and classic, but will be laid in a totally modern way. I’m thinking soldier stack for the subway tile like the inspo from Sarah Sherman Samuel below.


I went a little wild with the lighting in here – because why not? There isn’t room for a full chandelier, so these Kelly Wearstler flush mounts are all the magic I need. On the floor, I’m not a big “bath mat” person, so I’ll usually opt for a rug instead. this synthetic fiber option won’t ever mold or mildew and will layer beautifully over the patterned tile.


via Sarah Sherman Samuel


modern, English cottage master bathroom sources:

one, two, three, four, five, six

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve


This design feels most cohesive with the kitchen. I love the warmth and the brass touches brought in. I know I definitely want to mix metals. A combination of polished nickel (my all time fave), unlacquered brass and matte black will add so much definition and depth to the master bathroom design.

I ordered tile samples from Alexander James (which shipped free!) to really see these options in person. The Pumice Penny Tile is literally perfection. It has some slight discoloration that gives it an aged feeling, but the color adds an unexpected modern vibe. I really like the idea of penny tile because the floors will run straight into the shower room, and the small scale adds grip for safety.

In the shower room, I think all the walls floor to ceiling in this Rustic Subway Tile could be so glorious. It would have all the charm I’m looking for and break up the massive white wall with its impressive detail.


via Heidi Caillier


cool, coastal cottage master bathroom sources:

one, two, three, four, five, six

seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve


Okay, stick with me. This one is a bit of a wild card. The Pumice Penny Tile from Option 2 got me thinking about more color, and then I fell in love. The Penny Lagoon color is soooo dreamy from Alexander James. It’s deep and rich, yet totally acts as a neutral. It inspired me to create a more coastal look that I think still totally blends with the rest of the house. I really like the contrast it adds to the space and would allow for some warmer wood tones in the vanity.

For the shower room, I am loving the square hand crafted ceramic gloss tile stacked. It makes a subtle geometric grid and feels like the bathrooms I saw in Majorca. Paired with this dreamy modern polished nickel shower set, every day would feel like vacation. Finally, this faded blue synthetic rug would be so pretty laid over the blue penny tile. Remember- you can always get 20% off your order at Lulu & Georgia using code IDCO20.




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  1. Laurielulu says:

    Hi A…..not sure if I should quantify my response. I’m partial to white/beige or camel combos and I love coastal, living in CA. I am obsessed with Sarah’s bathroom shower with the tile stripes. I like all your selections for different reasons. At first, the Mediterranean was my fav and then I liked the wild card of the water colored penny tile but then the green and soft color of the English cottage….how about a combo of all of it? I think the marble with decorative back is classic. Shoot, I’m rambling. Such good stuff!

  2. Marta says:

    Oh cool coastal cottage speaks to me. It’s neutral but interesting by adding the blue penny tile.

  3. Lisa Cassidy says:

    All 3 are beautiful and are quite similar in many ways, I personally love the modern english cottage for your home. I feel it really gels well with your recent kitchen reno continuing on the sense of light and airy while still being warm and welcoming. I absolutely love scrolling through your insta page xxx

  4. Jake Miller says:

    This modern, minimal design concept inspired by a Mediterranean lifestyle is very elegant. It’s simplicity combined with natural material makes it even more attractive.

  5. Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of content with us. Your blog gives the best and the most interesting information. I wonder if we can gather such practical information about master bathroom design 3 ways. Great one!!







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