Imagine if your brand experience was just as refined, organic and textural as the spaces you design.

What if your digital presence was as well curated and precisely measured as the environments you shape? Envision the designers you would attract and the projects you’d get to take on. 

As the foundation of your business, your brand can both balance and anchor your work while inviting in new clients with warm hospitality.

Your brand can truly exemplify your style, with a custom, well-crafted, strategically executed brand identity and digital presence.


The Identité Collective took my vision, amplified it and created something beyond my wildest dreams. From the very first proof to the goodbye kit, the process was a dream.

So much more than a logo, we’ll craft an entire brand identity for you to truly tell your story. Secondary marks, brand icons, typography styling, color palette, textures and more will be compiled into a helpful brand guide your company can refer back to moving forward.

Our professional copy writers have worked with leading lifestyle publications around the country. Together, we’ll craft copy for your website so alluring, your clients will move mountains to work with you.

A beautiful brand means nothing without the right eyes on it. We’ll manage your Instagram for two months to help articulate your brand story, while building upon your new brand identity. Hashtag research, daily posting and regular engagement sessions help grow your brand’s reach online.

Your signature style is our signature style. We dig deeply into your brand offerings to create a user interface that invites and delights viewers. Your website will never start with a template, it will always be entirely custom to your brand identity.

Your site will be developed in-house so we can ensure every detail is perfect. We build all our client projects on HTML5 platforms, so you can update and maintain your website yourself, without relying on a web developer.


copy writing




Your brand is the feeling people get when they interact with your business. Online, in-person or on social media. Your brand is so much more than a beautiful logo.

Imagine if every single touchpoint your clients had with your business was impeccably designed, carefully refined, and absolutely enchanting.

Your brand identity will include every piece to that puzzle, plus the tools necessary to maintain your brand moving forward.

primary logo
secondary logo
alternate mark
brand icon
colour palette
brand pattern
brand textures
decorative elements
typography selections
brand identity guidelines


You are busy with client projects, designing and perfecting your craft. We step in and take over the copywriting, so your business is represented at it’s best.

Strong copywriting not only enchants your website visitors, it also invites them in the door. Together with our team, we work to weave SEO, or search engine optimization, throughout your website copy to get your brand in Google search results. Your website should be two parts strategy to one part serendipity.

Every detail will be woven together with descriptive copy that delights the senses. Your website will draw inquiring minds and leave them informed and in love.

From expertly crafted call-to-actions that convert, to clear and concise service offerings, our holistic approach lets us do the 
wordsmithing so you can focus on the parts of your business that fuel your passions.

Your brand is unlike any other, so your brand experience shouldn’t be either. After truly defining and designing your brand, we spend two months bringing that brand alive on Instagram. Strategically planned content, beautifully curated images and expertly crafted captions that enrich your brand story, build a community, and convert clients.

Instagram’s algorithm is changing every day, requiring more and more of your attention. During your project, we eliminate that burden entirely so you are free to devote your time to more pressing matters like family and vitality. During those 60 days, everything listed below is managed by the IDCO team.

6 posts per week
professionally written captions
curated stock photos
hand-selected brand photography
bespoke hashtag strategy
daily engagement sessions
comment responding + moderation

Minimal, layered, textural design isn’t limited to physical spaces. We’re constantly working to provide our clients with beautiful web design that transcends two dimensions. Beautiful textures like vintage sea grass, sun soaked linen and hand woven textiles are frequently the center of our custom website designs. Your industry is saturated and competitive, yet no one can do exactly what you do.

You’ve worked long enough to know that a black and white Squarespace template no longer showcasesyour work effectively - it lumps you in with the masses. 

Your bespoke website design will encapsulate your favorite work, attracting your dream clientele. Always pulling inspiration from physical environments, your website design will be timeless, luxe and alluring. Paired with your new professionally written copy, your website will elevate your business exponentially.

Your web design will be developed entirely in-house, to ensure our design team has complete control of the final result. Using the latest technology, your site will be built using HTML5, which requires no complicated coding or finicky WordPress templates.

At every step of development, we expertly weave SEO throughout your site to help achieve optimum search engine rankings. Strategically crafted call-to-actions help guide visitors through a website, so they are digesting information precisely at the pace we set. Every site is mobile optimized to ensure a beautiful user experience on any device.

Finally, we empower your business with a series of custom video tutorials, so you can maintian and update your website yourself. As a small business, it’s imperative that you have full control of your brand every step of the way. Our training series will enable you to add projects to your portfolio, revise copy, add new services, or swap images at any time. No expensive developer fees. No design retainers. Full and complete independence.

entirely customizable
advanced SEO
subtle, interactive animations
mobile optimized
easily editable
customized blog
inexpensive + reliable hosting
advanced e-commerce capabilities


our preferred platform

additional services

art direction
photography + styling
print collateral
digital collateral
interiors consultation

investment: the expert package

30% booking deposit

$4, 641

3 monthly payments


Brand Vision Mood Board
Target Client Muse Profile
Brand Identity Guidelines

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Alternative Mark
Brand Icons
Typography Selections
Bespoke Patterns or Textures
Color Palette

2 months Instagram management
6 Instagram Posts Per Week
Post Scheduling + Posting Curated
Stock Photo Selections
Custom Captions
Hashtag Strategy
15 Minute Daily Engagement Sessions
Monthly Reporting

Professional Copywriting for Up to 5 Pages
Bespoke Website Design
In-House Custom Website Development
Mobile Optimization
SEO Integration
Website Management Tutorial Series
2 Weeks Post-Launch Tech Support

total investment: $15,470

investment: the designer package

booking deposit


2 monthly payments


Brand Vision Mood Board
Brand Identity Guidelines

Primary Logo
Secondary Logo
Alternative Mark
Brand Icons
Typography Selections
Bespoke Patterns or Textures
Color Palette
Professional Copywriting for Up to 5 Pages
Bespoke Website Design
In-House Custom Website Development
Mobile Optimization
SEO Integration
Website Management Video Tutorial
2 Weeks Post-Launch Tech Support

total investment: $11,725


A non-refundable 30% booking deposit is due at the time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable and reserves your project timeline on our calendar so you have our full, undivided attention.

The remaining balance will be split into monthly or bi-monthly payments, billed on the 1st of the month of every month your project is booked for.

Your total investment does not include your monthly hosting fees that are required by your web platform. Both of our preferred web platforms average less than $200 per year.

Your total investment does not include your website domain or email hosting. Wix can provide you a domain for a nominal fee. We recommend Google Apps for email services. Client communications are to be kept on record via email or by digital questionnaire provided by IDCO. Private phone calls may be booked 48 hours ahead for an hourly rate of $135.

additional services

Every business is unique, as is your client process. Should you be interested in any of the materials listed to the right, we’d be happy to design them for you during the first month of our project together.

To add any of these items to your package, please list them in your email reply to us. They will be added to your project total and prorated into your three payments. The design fee listed is for a print-ready digital file which you can take to the printer of your choice. Price does not include editable files, printing or materials.

MONTHLY instagram mgmt
promotional card
social graphic
proposal template



We are typically booked three to four months ahead. However, we can get you started on your pre-project homework right away. Simply reply to this email and we’ll make it official.

A signed contract and a 30% booking deposit to reserve your spot. Once we have the boring technicalities out of the way, we’ll provide you access to your custom client portal, with all your digital homework. You also need your professional photos taken and edited. Finally, you’ll need to set aside to respond to proofs within 48 hours throughout the project.

All client communication is handled directly by our founder and creative director, Anastasia Casey. All junior designers, developers and additional contractors will be managed entirely by Anastasia. You can always reach Anastasia directly at:

when can we start?




One round of revisions means that you give us a single list of all the changes you’d like to see in the current mockup. Because this work is done on a timeline, it’s important to sum up all your thoughts and changes in a single place (one email or digital form), and hand those over.

can you work with my existing logo?

We craft bespoke brands built around beautiful living - and that magic comes from the ground up. Should you have a logo you are committed to, but are ready to elevate the rest of your digital presence, we would be happy to build out the remainder of your brand identity.

I don’t need all these things, can you break apart the package?

No, thank you for asking. Your brand will value from the holistic process we’ve created, and we passionately believe in the difference it will make to your business. If you’re looking for just one piece of the puzzle, we probably aren’t the right fit for you.

do you accept payment plans?

We carefully built a payment plan into our process, with a payment due once a month. Should you like to build in additional payment dates, we’d be happy to accommodate.

how will we communicate?

We’ll keep all client communications documented via email in your custom client web portal. This way, we can track all revision requests, refer back to your original goals, and share design proofs.

Are you ready to create a brand as elevated as the work you do? 

We stand for good design that leaves business owners empowered and self-sufficient. We believe personal style always wins over trends. We’ll always choose natural over synthetic, hand crafted over mass produced.

The Identité Collective, fondly known as IDCO, is a creative agency based in Austin. Female owned and operated, IDCO has over 10 years of design and marketing experience in the luxury lifestyle industry. Specialized in bespoke branding, web design and content creation for brands built around beautiful living. We collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive graphic identities, and cultivate lasting relationships. The results are compelling brand experiences that transcend trends. With a boutique style approach, the team of less than ten offers clients one-on-one attention.

The founder, Anastasia Casey, spends her time split between Austin and San Francisco, but is often caught traveling. With a deep love for physical spaces and the emotions they evoke, Anastasia would be an interior designer in another life. She lives in central Austin with her husband, Quinn, and rescue dog. On weekends, you’ll find her thrifting, gardening and swimming.

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