Minimalist Thanksgiving: Friday Five

I’m planning for a minimalist Thanksgiving, as we won’t be going back to San Francisco until Christmas. We are officially moved in to our new house. 80% of the furniture has been delivered, and we are starting to turn it into our home. It’s been a whirlwind and exhausting but inspiring and humbling at the same time. I’m incredibly grateful for every minute of it, even when I’m hot and sweaty and sore from lifting boxes. Now we’re ready to break it in and focus on our first holiday at home.

Below, I’ve rounded up my favorite five pins from the week as I search for inspiration for a minimalist Thanksgiving dinner.

minimalist thanksgiving decor inspiration for a neutral and modern thanksgiving table


Instead of opting for the traditional harvest style holiday, I’m going to focus on our new fireplace and bringing in live greenery. For the winter months, I swap my usual succulents and palm fronds out for warmer looking textures like olive trees, magnolia branches and boxwood. This will play up the minimalist Thanksgiving vibe, while adding to my year round decor.

Even though we have a gas fireplace, I love the look of stacked logs, so I’m deciding between this or this firewood rack. Option two is so much cheaper – I think I’ll try that first.

While I always encourage live greenery, some spots are just too dark for real. I love this faux olive tree tucked in a pretty basket, these amazingly real magnolia branches,  and these super gorgeous silver dollar eucalyptus branches.



To keep with the neutral and minimalist Thanksgiving vibe, I’ll be using handmade ceramic plates with uneven edges. These are on sale, these are divine, but these are worth selling all your belongings for.



Although I’ll be forgoing floral arrangements, bold patterns, or kitschy decor, I’m going to take some time to make some recycled paper and print menus on them. With simple black lettering, these look like museum pieces and cost nothing at all.


We’re skipping the glitz and glam this year and focusing all minimalist Thanksgiving decor on the beauty of nature. That means no bows or flowers on our wreaths. In love with the handmade herbal wreath pictured above to really complement the smell of Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget to check your local Trader Joe’s for wreaths and greenery for super cheap. Loving these options: Olive + Eucalypus, Magnolia Leaf (real) (faux), and this three piece Herbal Set.


If you caught our Insta Stories the last few days, you’ll have seen that I opted for super minimal, modern, black plastic dining chairs. At just $25 a piece, I was able to afford a full set of 10. We’ll be able to comfortably host our friends for our minimalist Thanksgiving, and stack them neatly in the garage until the extras are needed again.

For more Friday Five fall inspiration, check our our moss green obsession here and our burnt orange love affair here.




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