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Alright, friends. It’s Halloween, and we’re celebrating the Identité way. In lieu of the usual spooky decor, we’re going a bit more subtle with a moss table runner that channels all the rustic woodland vibes. But before you get intimidated by the thought of a DIY project, hear me out. This entire table runner requires just four items and three assembly steps—that’s it. Whether or not you consider yourself a crafty type, I promise you this project couldn’t be easier.

The best part of this moss table runner is that it works for Halloween and well beyond. Thanksgiving, fall dinner parties—you name it. The natural greenery brings the outdoors in and provides a focal point design feature that’s impactful yet not overdone. I’m going to show you how quickly this DIY comes together with the four supplies you can easily add to cart.


3-Step DIY Moss Table Runner

Table Design + Styling: The Identité Collective, Photography: Madeline Harper



DIY Moss Table Runner

What Type of Moss to Use?


Whether you’re creating a table runner, filling a terrarium, or designing a full-scale wall installation, moss varieties are an excellent way to incorporate a lush woodland aesthetic. When sourcing moss, keep in mind the three basic types:



Live moss is usually picked to order and has a vibrant bright green color tone. It will require misting and watering on a regular basis.

Best sourced from: a local plant nursery or florist



There’s no moisture or maintenance involved with preserved moss. In fact, it’s essential to keep this natural moss dry. Preserved moss is most commonly used in decor. Note: This is the type I used for my moss table runner project.

Best sourced from: specialty suppliers, locally or online



Dried moss has been chemically dehydrated. It’s the most cost-effective option and is commonly sold in bags.

Best sourced from: craft stores or Etsy


As I was planning out this project, I decided to use preserved moss from SuperMoss via Amazon. This Santa Barbara-based supplier prioritizes environmental responsibility with sustainably-procured moss and other plants. I love their ethos as a company, and the ability to have moss shipped straight to my door was a win-win.


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Preserved moss table runner for a rustic, woodland vibe3-Step DIY Moss Table Runner











  • Roll out a sheet of craft paper onto your table.
  • Using spray adhesive, glue the moss to the paper. Note: We added a second layer of moss to parts of the runner for added depth and dimension.
  • Set pillar candles on top of your moss runner, making sure to layer with various candle sizes and heights.



3-Step DIY Moss Table RunnerPreserved moss table runner for a rustic fall gathering








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Table Design + Styling: The Identité Collective | Photography: Madeline Harper



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