How + Why To Network as an Interior Designer

It goes without saying that we fully believe in the value of business education. And while online courses like our recently launched Studio Sessions are incredibly important tools to utilize remotely, nothing replaces the power of good old-fashioned networking. Not only is connecting with other industry leaders a smart personal move, but it’s also a strategic investment in growing your business. This past May, we held our spring sessions of Design Camp here in Austin, and we got to watch that value of face-to-face networking play out firsthand. We watched interior designers from all over the country sharing their processes, rates, contracts, vendors, and it was a reminder that community over competition is always the way to go.

With the world beginning to normalize following a whirlwind pandemic year, it’s a great time to revisit how + why to network as an interior designer, specifically in person.


Design Camp Spring 2021 | How to Network as an Interior DesignerDesign Camp Spring 2021 | How to Network as an Interior Designer

Design Camp Spring 2021 | Photography: Madeline Harper


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How to Network as an Interior Designer



Networking for interior designers is absolutely worth the investment and nothing replaces the value of connections made in real life. Whether it’s an educational workshop, a creatives’ retreat, a design market, or a spontaneous cocktail hour with creatives in your city, these events are where online acquaintances can become real-life friendships and invaluable support systems.

Every year at Design Camp, it’s incredible to watch complete strangers forge relationships over the course of a few days. We know being a small business owner can often feel isolating, especially if you work from home, but having other designers and business owners who understand your day-to-day is so comforting. Networking events and business workshops are the perfect opportunities for finding “your people” within the industry. 

Another key benefit? Spending time at events with a diverse group of people helps you keep an open mind and stay abreast of trends, tools, and techniques. We strongly believe in being life-long learners and always studying our craft. In-person events allows you to gain a fresh perspective to take home to your clients. 


Design Camp Spring 2021 | How to Network as an Interior DesignerDesign Camp Spring 2021 | How to Network as an Interior Designer

Design Camp Spring 2021 | Photography: Madeline Harper


Why to Network as an Interior Designer



Everyone needs an inner circle who understands the nuances of their profession and can offer relevant advice, but networking is also a smart move for any growing business. Connecting with designers who have different styles, services, and pricing tiers creates opportunities to establish a strong referrals network as you work towards filtering inquiries that best align with your business goals. We’ve previously outlined exactly how to set up a referral program, and we it’s one of the best ways to make lasting connections and support your fellow designers within the industry.


Design Camp Spring 2021 | How to Network as an Interior Designer

Design Camp Spring 2021 | Photography: Madeline Harper




Aside from your target market, your second priority when it comes to name recognition is your peers. Being well-known and well-liked in your industry is always a positive and leads to opportunities for visibility that you literally cannot buy. Talent is obviously a factor, but a lot of awareness comes from just networking and forming meaningful relationships with you can learn from and grow with. 

We know that attending conferences and live events can be a drain on your time and finances, but we have seen the fruits of those investments. It’s so worth it to step back for a few days and take a close look at your business and how you can improve. The friends you will inevitably make are the best possible bonus. 



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