New Instagram Hacks for Interior Designers

We first shared Instagram Hacks for Interior Designers here on the blog in early 2020. Since then, everyone’s favorite social platform has evolved with numerous updates to stories, reels, and the general algorithm. It’s fair to say this platform doesn’t stay static, and to make the most of Instagram, you have to learn to play the game. Luckily, we’ve got all the insider knowledge thanks to our in-house social media experts at IDCO Studio. They’re sharing the best practices to get the most out of your content and ultimately reach your ideal client.

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Instagram Hacks for Interior Designers


IDCO Studio office | Instagram for interior designers

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While Instagram has now made images searchable by terms and not just hashtags, they’re still an incredibly valuable tool. Plus, using hashtags is a great way to get discovered by publications or brands for regrams or feature opportunities. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a guide to the Best Hashtags for Interior Designers


TIP: Make sure to post your hashtags as a comment and not in the caption (other than your branded hashtag) so it counts towards their engagement—double win.


Website Templates for Interior Designers | IDCO Studio


Posting Frequency + Time



Deciding WHEN to post your content is equally as important as the content itself. Here’s the good news: if you operate as a business account, you have free access to Instagram analytics. Simply go in and check your most engaged hour(s) for each day of the week. Schedule your posts around the time zone where the majority of your audience resides and when they’re most likely to be active online.

For posting frequency, we recommend posting at least six days a week. Sound daunting? Here are 12 Instagram content ideas to help get you started.


The Identite Collective by Anastasia Casey | Instagram for interior designers



Engagement Strategy



When you’re growing your following, it is very much a give-and take-situation. If you aren’t engaging in the larger community, whatever other strategies you’re utilizing probably won’t work.  A high level of engagement is super important and is so much easier to accomplish if your posts are planned and scheduled in advance. This frees you up to engage with other users’ content on a daily basis. And, always always engage with commenters on your own posts.

TIP: While there’s a bit of debate around how the Instagram algorithm awards comments, we aim to make our comments at least five words. That means something more than an emoji or simple “thanks.” It most likely helps win the algorithm game, and better yet, it sparks more sincere back-and-forth conversation.


IDCO Studio office | Instagram for interior designers

Photography: Madeline Harper Photography


Instagram Reels


We know it takes practice to gain confidence on camera, but it’s so important to recognize that Instagram is no longer just “a square photo sharing app.” It’s become such a dynamic platform, with video content now leading the way. That’s where Instagram Reels come in. We recommend posting one Reel every week, and uploading an on-brand cover image to maintain the curated aesthetic of your grid.

TIP: Reels that use a lot of the in-app features generally get more shares. Instagram likes when you use their effects, filters, and music rather than reposting TikToks. Also, vertical video is always the way to go.


IDCO Studio grid | Instagram for interior designers


Instagram Stories


We have an entire post dedicated to content ideas for Instagram Stories, so we’ll keep things brief. The bottom line: Instagram Stories are a powerful way to genuinely connect with your audience without all the pressure that comes with a grid post. 

Take advantage of the endless ways to use IG Stories for audience engagements like quizzes, polls, ratings, questions, swipe to shop, tagging products, and more. In addition, make sure to use Stories as a way to cross-promote your grid posts. It’s an easy way to get your content in front of more eyes that might not be seen with the algorithm alone.



To learn about more using IG to level up your business, check out our Studio Sessions Instagram for Designers course.



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